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  1. AVPU

    paramedics and death

    Two questions, mainly for my curiosity: 1. Can paramedics declare someone dead, or does a physician need to do that? If so, 2. Does that physician need to be on-scene? (assuming this is an out-of-hospital scenario) Thanks!
  2. AVPU

    Want to become an EMT, should I get out of Washington?

    Get the hell out of Seattle. Too many EMTs there, and many end up losing their cert. You've have a better chance in eastern WA. After a couple years in EMT, CWU in Ellensburg has a pretty good paramedic program. I've met some ppl who have gone through it and really like it. Good luck.
  3. AVPU

    Hello from Tucson, Arizona :)

    Welcome. I found this forum a few months ago, when I was getting ready to attempt the national registry test for the 2nd time. I feel like being on here actually helped me prepare. Just as an aside, since you brought it up in your post, EMTs are perceived more healthcare than they are public...
  4. AVPU

    EMT'Bs and minimum wage

    Well I just might if I like the work enough
  5. AVPU

    EMT'Bs and minimum wage

    Wow. Lots of judgement in these posts. Dude, I know what I'm getting in to. I left a well-paying, cushy career in corporate Amer to be a part of EMS b/c I WANTED TO. I am fully capable of taking personal responsibility for my choices. I was just surprised at the pay, that's all. And I wanted to...
  6. AVPU

    Failed my NR, any free test online that helped you?

    JB Learning is AWESOME. I swear by it (and I failed the first time too). EMTprep is pretty good. Just be careful not to get overconfident in the practice tests....I found the actual test questions to be not as black-and-white as the practice questions. Good luck!
  7. AVPU

    NREMT-B Soon. I need some tips. Come on guys/gals =D

    Take practice tests!! I highly recommend JB Learning. There are some free ones out there as well. Like you I failed the first time b/c I kinda blew off studying. The 2nd time the test looked drastically different. Remember the better you're doing the harder the questions. Get ready for lots of...
  8. AVPU

    Ems jobs any location in the us?

    Lifeline Ambulance in WA is hiring medics....
  9. AVPU

    Anyone know the starting wage at McCormick Ambulance (CA)

    In WA all EMTs start at minimum wage. Turnover is extremely high
  10. AVPU

    new in socal

    Cool area, good luck. I was in Ventura County for 4 years. Loved it
  11. AVPU

    EMT'Bs and minimum wage

    Well said, I follow all the responses. I'm just amazed given the critical nature of the work. I know EMT-Bs don't have a lot of power, hardly any at all, but c'mon. Meanwhile the paper pusher in the cubicle working for Verizon or some corporation makes ten times that. I'm like MDA, I had another...
  12. AVPU

    new in socal

    where in soCal are u?
  13. AVPU

    Failed last year. Try again?

    I took the national registry July of last year and failed. I was so disappointed. I stepped away from the material for a few months, and then slowly began re-reading my textbook cover to cover. All 1200 pages. I took every practice test I could get ahold of (I recommend JB). I passed it in late...
  14. AVPU

    EMT'Bs and minimum wage

    So I'm finally hired on with an agency and now just waiting for paperwork from the state. Making a whole $8.55 an hour with not much room to rise. It's what I expected...I'm not here for the money...but sh*t. Isn't it comforting to know that in a life-threatening emergency, the person saving...
  15. AVPU

    Dumbest thing you have been asked

    I teach layresponder CPR/AED classes. There was this guy in there that I could tell was a jerk from the get-go, asking really specific questions just to show off his "knowledge." When we got to the AED portion, he actually asked me if you could self-administer an AED. The more I think about it...
  16. AVPU

    EMT? WEMT? WFR? Just my insight on it all (and hi by the way ;)

    RMI has been mentioned in several posts on here. I took their WEMT / MPIC class last year. High quality instructors, lots of hands-on, taught in a remote setting, and we managed to have some fun. Expensive, yes. Worth it? Depends on what you want to do afterward. I was looking for a career...
  17. AVPU

    Duty to Act Info

    Interesting. I finally asked my EMT instructor last night (I took the class last year). According to him, WA has *no* off-duty duty to act. Anyone know more that wants to comment?
  18. AVPU

    Duty to Act Info

    WA duty to act Does anyone know if WA state has a duty to act (for off-duty medics)? I've gone through this whole thread and haven't seen anything on WA. I've also tried to research it online and couldn't find much. Thanks.
  19. AVPU

    how long did it take you to get hired?

    Ok, so I called today. Apparently they are waiting on my driving record to come back. He said that takes the longest. After that, more paperwork, then I'm covering shifts and working medical support at events. Woohoo!!! @ Red Head: whats an MA cert? @ Music Medic: whattya get fired for?
  20. AVPU

    how long did it take you to get hired?

    I'm a new EMT-B who's applied to a private ambulance company in town. I was so psyched when they called. The guy wanted my driver's license, which I dropped off that day. It's now been a couple weeks, and no word. I suspect they are running a background on me.....since the application asked for...