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  1. pfmedic

    What is your weight training routine?

    I am a weightlifter and if you wish to give it a try, here is my routine: Day 1..... chest Day 2..... back Day 3..... shoulders Day 4..... arms Day 5..... legs Day 6..... repeat day one your only day off is when you cant make it to the gym for whatever reason Average going six times a week...
  2. pfmedic

    Ok, how are you? (Poll)

    I started working out last year because my back always hurt at work by the time I was done with my shift. In the span of one year I went from 165lbs to 195lbs... lean. I thoroughly believe IMHO that if you want to stay out of trouble you need to lift some serious weights
  3. pfmedic

    Huh? What's ground clearance for an ambulance?

    in the chevy duramax, just low enough for the sirens to get ripped off the bottom all the time. :)
  4. pfmedic

    Smith and Wesson Rescue Knife

    buy a benchmade, kershaw or a spyderco. You get what you pay for.
  5. pfmedic


    haix x1 airpower us. I wear my boots fourteen hours a day six times a week. They smell horrible obviously but they have held up for five months now... longer than any other boot I have had. I just brush the dust off of them and squirt some leather car upholstery treatment spray on them...
  6. pfmedic

    How do you carry your radio?

    I dont. We have three radio systems on our trucks that must be used to cover the whole county. To help with that problem we have an expensive MACom portable that does it all. I hear they cost thousands of dollars... so one to a truck. We have motorolas they will talk on the med channels...
  7. pfmedic

    Cell Phones Any Recommendations?

    the original Casio GZ'one for Verizon was the best but I still would take the latest generation casio over anything else.
  8. pfmedic

    LED Lights on Ambulance?

    I think blue LED's are the most visible. but LED's as a whole are the way to go. bright as all get out.
  9. pfmedic

    What does your agency ride in...

    the duramax is what we mostly use... Incredible low end accelleration. I love them... and Im a Ford kinda guy.... ... and they would have also been reliable if the tattletale had not created the electrical nightmare that it had AND voided the warranty on every unit.
  10. pfmedic

    Stethoscope - The Mega Thread

    I think buying an expensive scope is important. However, I recommend NOT buying a Littman because its like parking a Ferrari in the ghetto. Someone will steal it and you will be out of luck. Instead buy a prestige medical high-end scope. You will hear all the good stuff and it probably wont get...
  11. pfmedic

    What kind of belt do you wear?

    I recommend finding a custom leather or saddle shop and seeing if they can make a belt for you, sturdy that wont die a horrible death. I say this becuase thats what I did
  12. pfmedic

    Disgruntled Intermediate Becomes Manager

    I love a topic people can chew over. I agree that there is no right or wrong. Do what you love... although there is much more job security in this field than some of my other jobs... and I loved them as well
  13. pfmedic

    My field and clinicals suck!

    By the way, I used the title "pretentious *******" because I was angry and my preceptor does think he is awesome. I have a feeling you do as well because you got pissed off that power was not synonymous with respect in this particular case. Its human nature to turn a little cold the more power...
  14. pfmedic

    My field and clinicals suck!

    well... apparently I stepped on a nerve... typical that it was a cc who got pissed... and you seemed to have missed my point. Hope tomorrow we both have a nicer day.
  15. pfmedic

    Disgruntled Intermediate Becomes Manager

    Somebody told me a story that the manager at the local Outback Steakhouse is an EMT-I and has his associates in fire science... yet chooses to work at the Outback because he makes more money... to which I say... a great number of things I choose to not repeat here. My diagnosis is burnout for...
  16. pfmedic

    My field and clinicals suck!

    I cant believe how disappointed I am with my field and clinicals. Our city ambulance company I ride for my field study is not at all what I expected... to put it nicely. Hell, I choose I work for a rural ems company and commute. Trust me. The back of the ambulance i ride in for field study is...
  17. pfmedic

    HIV-infected man charged with assault after spitting on 3

    Someone please post the results of the tests, if you find out... I want know if the guys are ok. Throw the book at that unhappy man if you must, but what can you do to an HIV positive man that has not already been done? He has already been sentenced by you-know-who. -pf.
  18. pfmedic

    Help. I can't eat.

    You all are funny. Luckily, a few hot showers with a fresh bar of irish spring and some vicks vapor rub in my nose with a q-tip did the trick... and its a good thing too... ...because I had another 8 hr. hospital shift today and it was full of more GI bleeds... and I ate a foot long...
  19. pfmedic

    Patient in Custody

    Like I said in the poll, PD usually follows behind. Personally, if the pt is an *** prior to departure, and hes not emergent, I will make pd take him to the hospital so I can go back to the station and finish my sandwich... so long as PD is comfortable with that. I would document that the...
  20. pfmedic

    Sexiest Jump Kit

    I love the LA rescue line. This is the bag I have except in navy blue. I have a conterra o2 kit to supplement. In my state though, unless im on the truck and getting paid, I can only act as a first responder, so there is no need for a big a$$ bag... even though I am a huge wacker. Buyemps sells...