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  1. Micro_87

    No Helmet

    Day number 2 and all motorcyclists are wearing helmets, that I've seen. Maybe people aren't as stupid as I depicted them to be with this law.
  2. Micro_87

    No Helmet

    I've seen a few riders out today that are still wearing there helmets, and then I've seen a hand full of riders that weren't wearing their lid's.
  3. Micro_87

    No Helmet

    So this morning Gov. Rick Synder of Michigan passed a law that 21 and over Men/Women won't have to wear a motorcycle helmet anymore. There are a few laws that the riders will have to follow. 21 and over, take a special course/or have your motorcycle endorsement for 2 years or more, and have an...
  4. Micro_87

    Possible Job?

    Well I just received a call from the company, and I got the job! :cool:
  5. Micro_87

    Possible Job?

    So I just received a call from the operations manager of the company. He want's to bring me in on Tuesday for a formal interview with him and the HR manager. I have no idea what to expect from this. What kind of questions do they ask, any possibility of and scenario's questions that I might...
  6. Micro_87

    Possible Job?

    No, not at all. The company I took my schooling threw is my first choice, and I knew alot of people there. But here not a solo.
  7. Micro_87

    Possible Job?

    I originally went in on Monday, and dropped all the paper work off Tuesday. I was thinking about calling Friday.
  8. Micro_87

    Possible Job?

    So I recently went into one of my local ambulance companies and filled out an application. After I filled it out, I met with the operations manager. He asked a bunch of questions (kinda like a small interview). He wanted me to come back the next day with all my paper work the usual state license...
  9. Micro_87

    2010 Olympics starts out with death!!

    They pronounced him at the hospital not on seen.
  10. Micro_87

    2010 Olympics starts out with death!!

    i just noticed that Vancouver ems doesn't believe in BSI
  11. Micro_87

    2010 Olympics starts out with death!!

    21 year old Nodar Kumaritashvili (Olympic Luge Slider) died today during his practice run. Graphic Video/Photos:
  12. Micro_87

    Motorcycle EMS riders????

    I own a 2007 GSXR 1000 (blue Edition)
  13. Micro_87

    New Years Eve Plans ??

    stay home with a few boring lol
  14. Micro_87

    Whats Good?

    Whats Good?
  15. Micro_87

    Do you sport a favorite type of undies?

    Pretty Expensive for one pair of boxers....i mean i would give them a try, but for now i'll stay with my hanesB)
  16. Micro_87

    what should i expect on my first emt-b class

    I dont know what you'll bee doing, but you'll probably just introduce yourself, and also go over the class schedule and grading system etc, you probably wont do anything hands on for atleast a week or so (dont quote me) and just dress casual (not suit and tie) but just look clean and...
  17. Micro_87

    Where is everyone from?

  18. Micro_87

    Smoker or Non?

    Im a social smoker i only and rarely will smoke when im at the bar or just drinking. But starting May 10 of 2010, Michigan will be smoke free in all buildings (restaurants,bars etc) so i might just have to go buy a electronic cigarette and just smoke water vapor lol.
  19. Micro_87

    medical myths

    i remember hearing if you put butter on a burn it will relieve the pain.
  20. Micro_87

    NREMT Exam...

    You took the exam on a Saturday you will have to wait at least till Monday morning at the earliest or Tuesday morning at the latest. Good Luck.