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    Paramedics barred from saving Orlando shooting victims because club was deemed too dangerous

    EMS has no business going into a hot zone. LE needs to clear your area, make it a warm zone, and then bring EMS in. We carry special kits with 5 tourniqets, 5 chest seals, 5 tension pneumo kits, 5 hemostatic gauze, 5 npa's, 5 compressed bandages, and that's about it. We get ballistics gear as...
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    Chicago Fire Department removes bunker gear from city Paramedics

    Chicago is urban. Units are going to be stacked on top of each other arriving on-scene. I can't envision a scenario where the ambulance is arriving on-scene several minutes prior to fire units, and need to commit to a primary search.
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    EMS memes.

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    EMS memes.

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    Chicago Fire Department removes bunker gear from city Paramedics

    It sounds like they have medics on their engines and ladder companies that can go into the IDLH, inside a car, etc. The txp medics need to be ready to receive the pt, not commit to other activities. My department is dual-role. The first arriving ambulance crew may try to grab a back-up line...
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    What is your most ridiculous call?

    There exists a frequent flier that likes to eat at different restaurants, and when it comes time to pay, he complains of chest pain, and takes a txp to get out of paying the bill. After the fourth time I had police respond. Making sure to not impact pt care, they took his picture, recorded his...
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    Austin Travis County EMS hiring Paramedics and paying them as Basics

    So, did ATCEMS go to 12-hour shifts yet?
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    Future of EMS

    The dangers/burnout of 24+ hr shifts, how some EMS systems such as Charleston County and Greenville in SC have gone to 12's with a cap of 16, how ATC-EMS was moving towards the same. Related health effects, how you perform similar to an intox after 16 consecutive work hrs. Or go the other way...
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    Can I live off of 29,000 a year

    An IRA is good if you've already maxed out your 401k/403b/457 depending on who you work for. I would go for the employer sponsored deferred comp before the IRA if there's an employer match to go along with your contributions. You don't get that free money with an IRA. In my particular case, I...
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    Can I live off of 29,000 a year

    Assuming that you get a third taken out in taxes, you're talking about a gross yearly salary of $45,000. You're pretty close to the median USA household income, and you're single. That's about $20.08/hr assuming a 40 hr workweek. I used to live in Queens NY, living on $500/wk net as a Snapple...
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    Overdrive Pacing

    ETCO2 rise would be a good indicator of mechanical capture.
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    What cities have their EMS and Fire Departments separate?

    City and County of Charleston, South Carolina, Richmond VA, Nassau County NY
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    Private Ambulance Paramedic.

    I've taken a few train wrecks IFT by myself, when they weren't stable, knowing that if I refused the txp until they were more stable, or at least got a second medic (from who knows how far away), they would certainly die at the sending facility. Luckily no one died on me en-route that way, but...
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    Private Ambulance Paramedic.

    Use IFT as a resume booster, and perhaps for PRN work when you get your real FT job. You can get some good critical care ALS work occasionally. The best chance for this is on the overnight shifts, since it may only be you and one other truck on the road until 6a in many places. Good critical...
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    Charleston County EMS Hiring Medics, Closing 12/18

    From the article on the schedule change it sounds like there were some employees that preferred the 24's and the copious OT, and left after the change happened. It can be a little pricey to live in the Charleston area, and the outermost stations such as John's Island and McClellanville are a...
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    Will a breakdown on the job likely end in termination?

    The job can be stressful enough without having to handle your co-worker's baggage as well. Enough of us have stressors at home, and would prefer to use work as a break from the drama.