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  1. EMT11KDL

    Paramedic Contracts Overseas

    There is a handful of companies that have contracts with the US Government all over the world, but to be completely honest they won't look at you until you have closer to 5 years experience at the paramedic level including critical care and TCCC understanding. Also these positions do not just...
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    Ideas for RSI eduction

    it is required at my agency, and I personally like the idea and research behind it.
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    Ideas for RSI eduction

    I personally like the fact you are using Fentanyl 2 mcg/kg. Also agree with Ketamine, but I would discuss with some more people and maybe increase your dose to 2mg/kg for induction than 1mg/kg for post intubation sedation. Something else I would recommend you doing some research on, is High...
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    If your in the Military Reserve...can you sell back benefits?

    what benefits are you talking about? If you are in the reserves, you have Tricare (Health Insurance) which cost roughly 50 a month for single and 200 for family, this is optional and not required. If you were active duty it would cost you nothing. Hope that helps.
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    That was so long ago, haha

    That was so long ago, haha
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    Air methods and TriState
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    Large(ish) City EMS Openings Across the US.

    Yes he does, he is a great guy!
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    Large(ish) City EMS Openings Across the US.

    Durham County, from what I have heard and talking to there director is it is a very good agency to work for, and decent protocols, but I have not seen them to make a fair judgement on that, just from what I have heard. I do not know the pay or anything but if you PM me your email I can send it...
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    What do you carry? - The mega thread

    I carry a Glock 27 or M&P Shield 9 depending on how I feel that day. OOOO you guys mean at work lol Pens, lots and lots of pens (Mostly because I loose them) Pair of gloves in my pocket Scissors and hopefully a Radio if I didnt forget it iPhone Company phone (Unless I threw it at my...
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    Large(ish) City EMS Openings Across the US.

    google AMR or Acadian to name a couple that are companies that are always hiring all over the country.
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    Closest APPROPRIATE facility

    I worked in a similar area as you. we determined fly/drive/local by where we were at in the county. For Stroke it was what was our time of onset, because our local did have CT / CTA available. now on STEMI it was automatic bypass and a call to the local facility saying hey we got a stemi...
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    Arizona EMT advice

    You can also PM me with questions. If you have fire and have your FF 1 and 2 there is work. Majority of the state is fire based ems. where are you looking to move at, this will help us guide you in the right direction. Also do you still have your NREMT? if so than getting your state...
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    Pediatric Unconscious

    What is causing the patient to breath at 40 times a minute and shallow? Its most likely the temp and dehydration. I do not believe that this patient would benefit on RSI Right away because Resp is not the issue. Cooling the the child and giving fluid will most likely see changes in mental...
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    for a new combat medic...
  15. EMT11KDL

    for a new combat medic...

    I think my heart stopped for a second cause of how hard I was laughing lol
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    When/why do you guys intubate?

    Being able to vomit around the tube and being able to aspirate is always a big concern. This is the reason why you seen Oral Gastric or nasal gastric tubes being placed, this can help decrease the chance of vomiting because you are suctioning out the stomach and decreasing the pressure in the...
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    Quick re-Cert - DC/MD/VA area

    How long has your cert been lapsed?
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    for a new combat medic...

    Medics are also kinda Scam Artist, you can put a lot of cans into your IFAK, and you can sell those cans and make a lot of money because of supply and demand when you are in the field. because you are the one with supply and there is a very high demand. $$$$$$ :)
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    Electrical activity with LVAD

    interesting podcast speaking about LVAD
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    Normal QRS duration here is a great read for you. Lifeinthefastlane is great for a lot of EKG questions.