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  1. Phillyrube

    Virginia EMS Director Retires

    The Virginia Office of EMS is missing anywheres from 9 to 15 million dollars. This resulted in the cancellation of the 2023 EMS Symposium, an event known nationwide for its educational and networking values. The head of EMS has recently announced his retirement...
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    Westport EMS sees influx in calls, decrease in volunteers

    Hospital based service?
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    Paramedic Assaults Partner

    Not a great career move. Https://
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    New Army Ambulance

    Rigs were locked, but they look like the GSA trucks, with a bench seat on the right. Guessing the door is offset to allow loading a boarded PT on the right. Unknown if it has hangers for a third patient.
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    New Army Ambulance

    Spotted at REV in Orlando. Parked with a couple barebones GSA rigs and a couple GSA rigs marked IHS AMBULANCE. (Hit the picture for a focused shot)
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    SECNAV Names US Navy’s First-In-Class Expeditionary Medical Ship

    Now if they can just prevent secnav from naming the ships politically. Naming them after naval hospitals sounds good. Old Navy Chief here. Get off my lawn!
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    How do I get over my emetophobia?

    I can do death, blood, twisted intestine eviscerations, childbirth and poopy pants. But someone gets the dry heaves, the backdoors open and the driver behind the box get surprised.
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    Patient Friendly Jokes

    I always tell them it's gonna hurt you more than it hurts me. Another thing I tell them is to watch me and relax. If I get upset, then you need to get upset.
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    Medic no more...

    My lady run was in April 2017. 40 years as NREMT. 30 years paramedic, 5 years as cardiac tech. Figure in the gold standard of an Advanced First Aid cards and I was in the game almost 50 years. When I left I had just renewed NRP, ACLS, BCLS, PALS instructors, and regional RSI certs. Just a...
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    Emergency the Tv show turns 50

    I think of all the cars we vut open with 3 guys and a crew in the truck.
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    Yea, Im good on what I need. Not expecting a mass casualty incident.
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    I came from a combined system that does not charge. My hospital served several career cities as well as combined career volunteer systems. They only billed for the ride, supplies billed by the hospital. Cost less for the agencies not having to maintain a central warehouse. All this was part of...
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    My region must have been gifted. Restocked in the ED. Get a doc's signature and swap drug box at the pharmacy. A couple hospital's had big vending machines. Put in the patient number and get soft supplies like dressings, airways, etc. Linen was 1 for 1. The ED I worked in cracked down on...
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    So I have a retirement gig running a rifle and pistol range. Not hard work, just make sure no one shoots themselves or blows a hole in the ceiling. Range has an AED, good pads, extra batteries. Got a great industrial type first aid kit: bandaids, Tylenol, alcohol preps, tweezers, first aid...
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    EMS system needs vs human biological needs

    Working both the law enforcement and EMS fields, I always packed a small cooler with snacks, mosy fruit, veggies, and a Kit Kat bar in case I got into a foot chase. Its nice to sit down for a meal but no guarantees. Potty break every time I hit the ED. Healthy? Not especially but the realities...
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    first unit in is the last unit out

    Except on Tuesday
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    The Gun Thread

    Just got a retirement gig as a range master. Lots of opportunities to shoot stuff. Just fired a keltec P17. Nice little semiautomatic, .22, 15 round mag. Reminds me of the Walther P22. I was ringing steel at 50 yds with it ( latest thing after that mall takedown). A little finicky with the...
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    Used a lot of it in the ED I worked at. Amazing how many people are allergic to it and the only drug that works is that one that starts with a "D".
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    Ideas for EMS Morale Patches

    I have Versed Ketamine on a Starbucks siren patch on my sling pack.