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  1. Drax

    Will Self-Injury disqualify me from being an EMT or anything in that field?

    There was a gal I worked with a handful of times who had big gash scars on her arms consistent with cutting/suicidal ideation. She wore short sleeves very often. Always thought that was weird. To answer your question, I guess not. Epic thread bump.
  2. Drax


    A gap in employment for that stretch of time, plus being a new mother...I don't think it would be an issue if you didn't work. If asked about it during an interview, I would tell it like it is. I was a new mom and my husband was informed he would be transferred in a few months, so it didn't seem...
  3. Drax

    Thinking of going 911

    I would recommend you continue working as you apply to 911 gigs. A gap in your employment history doesn't look great and if you're off the line for a long period of time, you may have to do a significant amount of retraining. Also, and I don't know how long you've been doing this, but if it is...
  4. Drax

    working 24s

    Maybe, but don't get comfortable with the concept of sleeping working for a private, cause it doesn't happen.
  5. Drax

    Am I hireable?? (EMT)

    If you can do the job, what's the issue? ******** aside.
  6. Drax

    EMS/EMT Jobs in WA State

    True, but 3/4 of the job announcements for full-time firefighters, in general and probably in the Spokane area as well, are for paramedics.
  7. Drax

    EMS/EMT Jobs in WA State

    That said, you should eventually want more than just EMT. I know it is hard to visualize, but you need to start thinking big picture. What you could with just an EMT cert: -Seasonal or odd job EMT (Theme parks, Amazon, Correctional facilities) -Private ambulance EMT -Volunteer firefighter...
  8. Drax

    EMS/EMT Jobs in WA State

    In the Spokane area, I believe it is pretty much just AMR or Fire. Firefighter/EMTs are becoming a thing of the past.
  9. Drax

    Part-time EMT and full-time student?

    No, it is typical to not have experience driving an ambulance as entry level, you'll go through all that in orientation and you may even have to take a driving course again at that time. I had CEVO but then my agency wanted EVIP.
  10. Drax

    Part-time EMT and full-time student?

    As far as entry level positions go (and as a disclaimer I'm not from the East coast), I would peg you as a top level quality candidate-provided you can swimmingly move through an application process. Are you pursuing a degree in an EMS related field?
  11. Drax

    Good Job to Have BEFORE Becoming an EMT?

    Join the military, and with your current goal in mind - throw every thing at it over the course of those four years of enlistment. 1.) Will give you job experience that can belong on any and every resume. 2.) Will give you funds, sustenance, housing, medical, dental and purpose. 3.) Will give...
  12. Drax

    Got Licensed Almost a Year Ago...Still Unemployed

    Sounds like you need to start volunteering. Volunteer until you at least get hired, maybe after as well to keep building upon experience.
  13. Drax

    WA state EMT reciprocity licensing timeline

    Everything you've said sounds typical. It depends on the county you're going through too, some offices are busier than others.
  14. Drax

    AEMT in Washington State

    So, most agencies don't differentiate. The only time AEMT will do anything for you, at least to my knowledge, is possibly on the East side (Yakima or Spokane regions) with AMR or in the rural parts of some Counties on the East/West side (like Lewis County for example) with volunteer fire...
  15. Drax

    RM/AMR pierce county/tacoma

    When did they begin requiring that? Must've been within the last year. I was doing BLS 911 without a medic on the rig with a different agency in Pierce.
  16. Drax

    Why we don't talk.

    Just talk, talk about things before they build up. Obviously not with your partner if they're a douche. Talk with your spouse, your best friend, a seasoned co-worker, mom or dad, instructors, strangers, strangers on a forum. Even if the call was just weird and not bad, even if the call was just...
  17. Drax

    WA reciprocity package questions for any WA state EMS.

    Unless you're willing to drive an hour plus to get to work then and potentially across a bridge, I would most certainly seriously considered volunteer departments. Not a whole lot up that way, yes there is Olympic but not much else.
  18. Drax

    WA reciprocity package questions for any WA state EMS.

    Now for the sprint, I think they only keep that paperwork for about a year. Might be wise to apply for some volunteer fire departments as well. Just as a fall back plan in case you don't land a job right away.
  19. Drax

    Places to volunteer for a special event!

    Haven't done it, know someone that has.
  20. Drax

    Places to volunteer for a special event!

    Burning Man.