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  1. mm505

    Michigan's initials are MI....

    I must be made of it because the day I met my wife I just melted in her hands!
  2. mm505

    Michigan's initials are MI....

    WTF is Gallium (Ga)?
  3. mm505

    Age Discrimination?

    I'm 57 and no reverse age discrimination with me!
  4. mm505

    United EMS Workers - AFSCME

    Just remember one thing - without YOUR money, a union will NOT exist. No!
  5. mm505

    EMS Dispatcher, Minneapolis, MN

    Makes sense about picking up shifts PRN on trucks. I'm a dispatcher but didn't have to take any agility test. I am, however, in Advanced EMT school, so once I take the boards, I'll have to take the agility test as I'll need to work to keep my hours up to keep my EMT.
  6. mm505

    EMS Dispatcher, Minneapolis, MN

    I'm just curious, that if you are going to hire on as a dispatcher, why would one have to have a Class D license and pass an strength & agility test. For $20.57 an hour, I wouldn't complain, except for the union dues!
  7. mm505

    I did it!!

    Way to go!!!!
  8. mm505

    How old were you?

    In 1980 I was 25! Left when I was 35 due to an injury, now at 57 I'm going back in! I'm a glutton for punishment!
  9. mm505

    whats going on at CCEMS ??

    It would help to know WHO CCEMS is.
  10. mm505

    EMTLife Contest - A Patient or Moment in EMS that Changed Your Life

    In 1980, my partner and I worked a car vs bridge embuttment. The driver, a rising high school soccer star was trapped up under the dash. It was 90+ and it started to rain and made everything steamy hot! Took about 1 1/2 hours to remove the dash from him (he was wedged up under it) and we got...
  11. mm505

    rules against tattoos?

    Try getting a EMS/PD/FD with long hair. THAT ain't going to happen! Granted, if you are PD VICE/NARC, yeah, you can grow the hair, but not in the field! I was a bit of a maverick in my earlier days, grew a full beard. Where I work now, no hair beyond the collar, no moustaches below the...
  12. mm505

    Does your department have a web site?

    We are one of the largest EMS providers in the state of Georgia with over 70 units. MetroAtlanta Ambulance Service We are also one of 4 in the entire state that are CAAS! We are like one large family and the atmosphere there is awesome!
  13. mm505

    rules against tattoos?

    If you want to work at a company, you must abide by their rules and regulations. If you don't want to abide by their rules and regulations, you have the right to not work there. Always remember, will what you are doing help or hinder your chance at employment?
  14. mm505

    Dream vehicles...BAD dream vehicles

    I can't be racist. I hate everyone!
  15. mm505

    Dream vehicles...BAD dream vehicles

    HISTORY OF THE CONDOM In 1272, the Arabic Islamic Muslims invented the condom, using a sheep's lower intestine. In 1873, the British somewhat refined the idea by first taking the intestine out of the sheep.
  16. mm505

    Ever Forget Your Stretcher???

    Don't know if covered or not, but how many times have you had that "deer in headlights" look when you opened the back doors of your truck and realized, "Hmmmm, isn't there supposed to be a stretcher back here?"
  17. mm505

    Patient Privacy in public

    The expectation is that you as an EMT/Paramedic will do what you can to protect the privacy of the patient. Also, in the hospital setting, the workers there also do what they can to protect the privacy. HIPPA.
  18. mm505

    Dumbest thing heard on the radio

    We had a call for a "testicular contusion". I cringed on that one!
  19. mm505

    Annoying female penlight breast-pocket problem

    I guess I'll be the one to say it - put it right between them! Seriously, I've worked with a couple "breast advantaged" partners, and they usually just kept their lights clipped to their t-shirt or in their utility case on their belts.
  20. mm505

    Unions for EMS

    Most unions work the same way, no matter who they represent. I was a union steward for CWA 3205 for a few years. Then we went on strike. I walked the picket line but also was able to support myself as a paramedic and worked all except 3 days out of 4 weeks. You only received strike pay IF...