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  1. ndilley

    chest pain scenario

    could that "pill from last night" be something along the lines of viagra, in which spraying him full of nitro would make his blood pressure hit the floor? in which case follow the o2, monitor, iv, asa, protocol and just skip the nitro
  2. ndilley

    EMTLife Community Check In

    well hello all i have been on quite a hiatus, seems like forever since i posted here however let it be known i've been lurking around. I am currently in paramedic school finishin' up my first semester. Been doing my ER clinicals this semester w/ visits to the labor hall and the lab. I'm still...
  3. ndilley

    Auto pulse by Zoll

    we have had an autopulse for about two months (on loan just to see if we like it) and well its been kind of a white cloud, we have not had a code since we got it (knocks on wood), it is contraindicated for trauma pts, but you can sit it on a backboard then place the pt on it or just lay in on...
  4. ndilley


    Eastern Kentucky University in richmond, ky offers an associates of science in paramedicine, a B.S. program called Emergency Medical Care, as well as a certificate program...all three have the same final goal of being a medic. This is one of the best (if not the best IMO b/c i go here)...
  5. ndilley

    Lasix and Sulpha allergies

    I was curious what people know about people with sulpha allergies recieving lasix. I have read the pts. w/ sulpha allergies and more prone to be allergeric to lasix.
  6. ndilley

    Forum Game... "Good Wish/Bad Wish"

    wish granted every ignorant person drops dead...however you are now dispatched to an endless number of DOA codes after answering all calls you realize that the only runs you now make are only granny-transfers...ignorance=job security... i wish med school wasn't so expensive...
  7. ndilley

    Forum Game... "Good Wish/Bad Wish"

    wish granted..while your nerve is now strong your jaw is not...while telling the 300 pound man at the bar "what you are thinking" he displays it with a hay-maker to your face..breaking your jaw causing you can have your jaw reset and wired shut for two months...enjoy drinking from a straw. I...
  8. ndilley

    Forum Game... "Good Wish/Bad Wish"

    wish granted..however after a four day sex-ca-pade you lose your job, all your friends leave you, and your house gets repo'ed...while doing your business on the lawn, the hungarian speaking nypho realizes that you are a broke, job-less guy and decides to pack up and move next door with your...
  9. ndilley

    Forum Game... "Good Wish/Bad Wish"

    wish granted...however two days after your yacht magically appears the world goes into an ice age freezing you and your yacht somewhere in the middle of the pacific ocean... I wish that the winter olympics were over...
  10. ndilley

    The 24 hour schedule

    Our service allows us to sleep when ever its possible as a small county service running 2 full time trucks for 17,000 people we make anywhere from 1-20 calls a 24 hour shift...some shifts we can sleep all night..on the other hand i have gone in at 7am and not returned to the station until 530...
  11. ndilley

    Why are you in EMS? My story.

    mine was a kind of fall into it as well...I came to college to get my B.S. in police studies. For one of my electives i decided to take the emt class (it filled up 6 credit hours). My professors was in the first paramedic class ky offered and i was fascinated by his teaching and stories. The...
  12. ndilley

    EMS boots

    walmarts survivor boots are awesome those were my first pair for hiking fishing and then work...super comfortable and waterproof as well. The only reason i switched to the bates if because of the zipper (got tired of lacing up boots at 330am for a call and i happened to get a great deal on the...
  13. ndilley

    EMS boots

    well i mean its really up to you. You definately should get something you like the look and feel of b/c if your like me you will wear them WAY more than any working, student far as specs. go get what you feel comfortable with.. there is a blood borne pathogen approved boot, i'm not...
  14. ndilley

    EMS boots

    I have the bates 8" enforcer. its waterproof and has a steel is a super comfortable zipper boot that only took a shift or so to break in. IMO if a boot can stop water, blood might have a tough time getting in as well. And unless you plan on swimming in a pool of blood knee deep you...
  15. ndilley

    Age Limitations

    definately go for it....42 is still young these days, my dad is 45 and in great shape, i work with a medic who is in his early 50's and only had his medic for four years, and worked for two as an emt before then....good luck
  16. ndilley

    My return to the gym

    tonite me and one of my roommates went to the gym...(the first time i've been in about 6 months...)well as we are lifting i look over at the tread mills at the same instant a girl collapses on it with it in basically full spirt mode...It looked like an accident straight off of jack@$$...she hit...
  17. ndilley


    Hey guys/gals I was just wonderin' what info you all could give me about insulin. Different types, what the ratio means, etc. Just lookin' to expand my knowledge thanks for the help
  18. ndilley

    Katrina Pics

    wow its crazy to think i was down in south padre island over the summer and drove down I-10 on the way home through Louisiana and now its in ruins....
  19. ndilley

    Hello from the BayArea!

    well i'll be the first to say welcome....
  20. ndilley

    Remember when........

    Armor-all the seats/floor in the back of the truck...its like a slip in slide....