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  1. emtbass

    almost done

    I feel confident at my basic skills and knowledge because I use them on a daily basis. Thank you for the advice.
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    help with stomach

    amen brotha
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    help with stomach

    that is going to be hard since i work at night :( but then during the week.... im in bed by 2am... weekends it about 9am
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    help with stomach

    LOL ;) I had never heard much good about the 8 minutes abs program but i guess i can give it a try... what the heck, it can't hurt...
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    help with stomach

    I dont really have much of a weight problem.... I'm 5' 10'' 175 lbs. most of my body is muscular and in shape except for my stomach. I would love to be able to run 5 miles a day like I did in high school but my schedule DOES NOT allow it. I work 40 hours a week in the ER, taking 19 hours...
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    almost done

    thanks for the welcome back... I have been living without the internet for about 6 months and have finally moved somewhere it is avaliable.... :)
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    Blood sugar?

    In my part of the world... we do a d-stick on EVERY patient that gets an IV regardless of hx. When you start the IV... you get the blood from the catheter (you can stick your pen in one end and a drop of blood from your flash chamber comes out the other). alot of transfers we'll get a d-stick...
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    Tips on IV's

    When i start IVs for some reason, I have better luck going for the ones that I can feel, not the ones that I can see.... must most people are the opposite.
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    almost done

    Ok, so I am almost done with the paramedic program... I have done well in the program and made good grades, but I don't feel anywhere near ready for the NR Exam that I will be taking in August. Right now i have a few weeks left of cardiology, special populations, and med. emergencies. This...
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    I would call med control... let him take some of the heat.
  11. emtbass

    Chest pains

    with my als experience i would say O2, large boar IV, 12 lead, ASA, and nitro and rapid transport. The 12 lead would help determine the cardiac portion of it.
  12. emtbass

    Removing seated victim from MVA

    well i understand that the KED is the choice in this situation, but to tell you the truth I have NEVER used a KED, and have never seen one used except to stabilize a broken hip.
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    1st Ride along

    just take a deep breath. before you know it you'll be having the time of your life. and if you proceed to the paramedic program you will have more fun than you thought possible. as a medic student i have intubated probably 10 times, started 10,000 IVs, worked more codes than i could have ever...
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    Who here is from Texas?

    Im from E. Texas. Originally from N. Texas.
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    need some help with fick principle

    No, Im not a BASS player, and technically the B is not for basic. My last name is Bass. It just so happens that I am a Basic as well, and a little of a bad ***, so I guess the name can be taken as wanted.
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    Cell Structure

    Ok, I know there is probably a really good explanation for this, but why in the world do we have to learn about the structure of cells in medic school? Have any of you medics ever actually used this in the field. If so, how. My whole class has been wondering about this because that is what we...
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    Bus w/ elderly evacuees explodes

    That bus was headed to a college in my town, which means 90% of them would have ended up in the hopital that I work at. That night as we were all in the break room, watching the news, my charge nurse said "Oh Man, 24 less patients." That was horrible.... but thats my charge nurse for ya...
  18. emtbass

    Night Shift Benefits....

    Well in the ER that I work at, night shift gets a 15% pay differential. Which is awesome when you dont make much to begin with. Night shift usually gets more trauma as well.. which can be good, or bad. (I work 3p-3a Fri, Sat and Sun) The charge nurses at night are AWESOME, and could care less...
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    SHOCK.... help

    I would love to read it... maybe it will get me going in the right direction. 10 pages.. that would be nice. He expects this one question noted above to be around 8-12 pages. There are 43 questoins total. So an average of a page each. With the exception of the above questoin. If you have...
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    I Can't Collect On him - He's Dead!!!

    Im so stubborn, I will probably be someone who "dies" for a few hours, and then "comes back". This all just seems to weird to me. Your dead... You just dont come back ny yourself. You dont have a nice new life pack 12 implanted in your heart to get you back 2 hours later. What is you were...