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    Strangest personal vehicles for EMS calls?

    "Did he have one of those little bells and streamers coming out of the handles?" LOL! Oh, if you knew him, you would not think that was a joke! :)
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    Strangest personal vehicles for EMS calls?

    We had a guy who responded on his bicycle wearing his bunker gear once.
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    Ambulance Driver = EMT = Medic

    We're all "medics" around here in casual usage too. Which can drive you up a wall when people decide to suddenly use "medic" for "paramedic", and tell you the new medic is a medic unlike the other medics and then your head explodes :) IME, none of our patients really know the difference. I'm...
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    Damn birds

    Goose bites hurt. That is all. Okay, so a "friend" was walking one day with her dog, loose since she lives out in the country. The dog ran off for a minute and comes running back with a goose in her mouth! The goose is flapping wildly. It's gotta be as big as this 75-lb dog... So my friend...
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    Woman Unknowingly Videotapes Sister's Demise

    I have called and not stopped. I tell dispatch the reason -- if I don't stop and don't see responders on the way, it's either because I'm responding to another call or it's unsafe, both of which are totally cool reasons not to stop. But I hear what you're saying about not wanting to call if you...
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    what should be in every tech bag?

    "Ditch bag"? Cool. Mine is also my personal first aid kit, of course, which is probably what it mainly gets used for. I keep my aspirin, benadryl, sugar candy and stuff in a little nylon bag, so no one will see it and ask for some if I can't give it out, but I share it with my crew. I also...
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    What do you teach?
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    Management of SVCS, Hypercalcaemia and SCC

    "(Hypercalcemia by the way)" psst... Kris might just not be from around these parts. That's the British spelling.
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    The 24 hour schedule

    One of my jobs was at a place where we pulled week-long shifts. Also low call volume (maybe 2 a day) but if we had to transport, it was a good 4-5 hour round trip. Anyhow, since we got to sleep the night through about half the time, we were required to pull work duties in uniform 9-5 and then we...
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    Removing seated victim from MVA

    This seems like a good thread in which to complain about KEDing. MVA, other patient already removed, and that patient had no seat belt and had cracked the windshield. Not just starred, cracked. This patient did not think she was seriously injured, had been ambulatory earlier, but unclear...
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    Scenario! Teenage girl unc/unk

    Oops, I forgot you don't live on my street. A car has not passed in the past hour, so -- no trauma by vehicle. She probably fell on a hard dirt road from standing, but no bump on the head. Unlikely to be a victim of a moose attack or something, either. So, you do a quick head-to-toe and find...
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    Scenario! Teenage girl unc/unk

    I warn you in advance I don't have followup on this one, so it's all speculation. Toned out for a unresponsive unknown in the middle of the road. First on scene since it's your street, you head out a mild afternoon up a fairly steep hill to find a teenage girl lying in the middle of the...
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    Polyheme: Ethicists want fake blood study stopped

    No, no problem! It's just that I had an edit button but it wouldn't let me do it, which was frustrating.
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    EMTLife Gathering 2006!

    I think you need to have it farther north. Like, not as far north as I am now, but as far north as I will be this summer. Just sayin'.
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    Just when I thought we gave enough of our arms and legs...

    It costs 49 cents a pair to make, but $27 more to run the glossy ads.... :)
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    How many rigs does your service have?

    True! But the agency that transports tends to make, shall we say, assumptions about our level of ability that are not always accurate, eh? But we do get back to bed faster :)
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    HazMat for EMS?

    Tech level doesn't have much beyond Operations, IME. Both are pretty useful. But the Awareness level mostly teaches you that everything is methyl-ethyl-death and you should go seventeen miles upwind and very gingerly call the hazmat team so the force of your finger on the radio button doesn't...
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    Calling all NE US EMTs! Advise me!

    Oops, sorry, I should have said I'm actually a volunteer. I'm not looking at paid work, just volunteering and trying to streamline the process.... we'd be moving based on 2 things: a recon trip this summer and where we can get hired as teachers in the same community. I just don't want to wind...
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    Scariest moment?

    Ugh, that really is horrible. My scariest moments all involve car accidents too. Or narrowly averted car accidents. Like the time we were going lights and sirens behind and RV that would NOt pull over, and finally, finally he did.... so we go to pass him, and the idiot does a u-turn in the...
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    Have they no heart? - Warning

    For me, just seeing the vehicle is usually enough to send a shiver down my spine if it's really bad. We have a policy of never posting pics where the victim is identifiable (without their consent, rpesumably, but I don't think we've ever tried) and making sure to blot out license plates, etc...