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    CCT: Vent. Transports Gone Wrong. Air or Ground

    CCT, LDT>2 hours, using an EMV. Something on the truck caused an overpressure of Oxygen to the vent, causing a catastrophic vent failure. The vent effectively shut shut down and locked me out, leaving me unable to even give a manual breath. I had to pop it off and start manually bagging while...
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    There goes the Individual Mandate

    The way they went about this is NOT the right, appropriate, or even Constitutional way to do it. If the law was so wonderful, why is Obama running scared?
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    Juggling Paramedic School and work as an EMT

    Now, don't nobody throw rocks at me, but there are on-line programs available. I don't recommend them for everyone, but if you are willing to put in the time and self-study you can get your cert. <ducking for cover>
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    ems sticker in your car window?

    Meh...small NAEMT sticker on back glass, small department sticker on windshield, used to have a company bumper sticker, peeled it off, have no desire to put the new companies sticker on. Department sticker is mainly to ensure that people know it's ok for me to be parking in the FD side.
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    Those dreaded 24s

    I much prefer 24's, but right now we've got the worst of both worlds. SSM all day, posting continuously until 2000 hours if we're lucky makes for a long day. Still, though, beats 12's in my book.
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    Dallas Fire Department EMS Care - Quality

    Word, rumor, is that DFD is trying to get out of EMS, and has approached a certain green ambulance company about doing so.
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    Driving Commute you all beat! The company I worked for was just bought out by another and the new folks closed my station. Until another one opens, hopefully soon, 85 miles one way, 1.5 hours if no traffic, 2+ hours if traffic. Right now is a 24 hour shift, so it's not bad, but...
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    Clinical Preceptors

    On the flip side, the thing that probably pisses me off most is those Medics that whine and moan about students. My response is generally to remind them that once, they were students also, brand new to the field, just exactly like the ones they're pissing and moaning about. It usually does...
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    Should I85s be allowed to help with pain managment?

    The flip side to this is when something does happen, the doctor can lay all the blame on the Medic, with no recourse for the Medic to pursue. Popular view from where I stand, although, sadly, we are in the minority.
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    12 Lead Automatic when 3 Lead Applied

    @ thoughts exactly! Chest pain that is cardiac in nature, pressure, pale, cool, clammy, diaphoretic, all that good stuff most definitely should get a 12 lead, followed by Right sided or even Posterior views if indicated.
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    12 Lead Automatic when 3 Lead Applied

    Protocols at a previous service required a 3 lead for any medication given, with the exception of Glucose (D50, oral, etc.) I got into the habit there, and it has carried over. It may not be necessary, but for me, one reason is that it is a tool to help keep an eye out for potential adverse...
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    24's around DFW

    Y'all hiring?
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    12 Lead Automatic when 3 Lead Applied

    A medic at another local service just told me that their Med Control is ordering an automatic 12 lead to be done anytime the 3 lead is applied. His reasoning is that you can't diagnose with a 3 lead. Hmmm.... It is true that 3 leads have a filter built in to try to cut down on artifact...
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    whats going on at CCEMS ??

    Cripple Creek? Maybe the truth about what really happened "up on Cripple Creek" will come out. :D
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    Looking for article..

    Thanks for the info. As I've said before, a certain ground/air service here in DFW requires any patient with a greater than 15 minute ground transport to fly. Delving further into the issue, I came across this website...
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    Any advice??

    OP, DFW is a pretty varied area. There are a number of volunteer departments around that will gladly take on anyone who can help. If you can get a foot in the door there, and earn your SFFMA Advanced Certificate, you can get your EMT school paid for at any public college. Send me a PM with...
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    Healthcare Overhaul

    So, the SCOTUS has upheld the new Healthcare Law. Not to get into the politics of it, cause what will be will be, but has anyone thought of how this might affect EMS? I predict call volumes to rise even faster. Will reimbursement rates go up or down? Some potential side effects...
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    Worst names for an ambulance service...

    Actually had a news story about this ambulance the other day: From the article: "It's a's not supposed to look like a real ambulance." Hmmm....Star of Life? Lights? I agree, I don't...
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    EMT as a career

    By all means, bite the bullet and give it a shot, hopefully it'll work out. My only other advice would be to keep a backup plan just in case.
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    EMT as a career

    Ok, back to the topic. ;) FWIW, I know of more than one officer here in Texas that has decided they'd be better off in the Fire Service. Straight up EMS right now is a gamble, honestly. There are some good places that will take care of you, but by and large this is a cutthroat business...