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  1. MedicPrincess

    the 100% directionless thread

    Did anybody else watch my boyfriend Luke Brian tonight on the CMA's? or see how my other boyfriend Blake Shelton is cheating on my with his wife?
  2. MedicPrincess

    the 100% directionless thread

    Oh yea. You know how life gets in the way. So much to catch up on!
  3. MedicPrincess

    the 100% directionless thread

    Hi.... again.
  4. MedicPrincess

    Michael Jackson Dead

    I highly doubt it was the paramedics. It could have been a cop, bystander....or paparazzi with a high powered telescopic camera lens and they zoomed in. Look at it... there is such a glare, it had to have been taken through a window. Hard to say. But pretty distasteful either way.
  5. MedicPrincess

    Reinvented Myself :-)

    To what.... ParamedicalAssistanttoPainMgmtGodwhoworkswaytomuch Princess? No... Thats to long... I'll stick with what I have for now.... until I finish RN and CRNA school in a bazallion years!!!
  6. MedicPrincess

    Michigan Members: Island City Area EMS

    I'm from Eaton Rapids B) The chances of getting hired in ER is much less than in Lansing. I didn't say it was a good idea, just a better chance of getting hired. And thatsa another reason I am not in Michigan any more.
  7. MedicPrincess

    Michigan Members: Island City Area EMS

    Are you kidding me? Are you living in the ONLY Eaton Rapids ON EARTH!!!!! Population <5500, but countless others escaped..... Where they once had Milk in a bag.... a parade when McDonalds came to town.... A short walk to Quality Dairy got you more ice cream that any kid could ever eat...
  8. MedicPrincess

    Another New Medical Show: HawthoRNe

    I completely forgot out this!! I had it set on my DVR and then in a stroke of "genius" I managed to delete all my shows we DVR. Almost forgot to add Rescue Me back too.... But darn! A handsome Medic..... really.... Does the RN go out with him?
  9. MedicPrincess

    Reinvented Myself :-)

    Hello Y'all. Some of you may remember me, so many are new that I feel like I should reintroduce myself. I am "Princess." I started here as EMTPrincess.... then one day, before I knew it I became MedicPrincess. I used to regularly contribute. I kept our MySpace page UTD. Even started...
  10. MedicPrincess

    What color are your gloves in the rig?

    I have my own. I wear PINK!!!!
  11. MedicPrincess

    Do you have what it takes to work a code?

    Okay, you guys need to start acting like adults again! I can assure you I believe this thread has run its course. However, I will give it a shot at getting back on topic. This WILL NOT turn into a service bashing thread/forum/community. Either follow the forum guidelines, or dont. Make your...
  12. MedicPrincess

    Oh no...thats not the PA Mic

    I had a run of instances where I kept hitting the red emergency button on the top of my radio. I'd sit on it. Push it when I tried to pick up my radio. It just kept jumping out there and getting in the way. Funniest had to be the day I didn't realize I had set it off. It was before we were...
  13. MedicPrincess

    Police Officers Son Shot and Killed at Home
  14. MedicPrincess

    Heart Attack Grill

    Okay, the funniest part of this is at the end, when the "Doctor" listens to the guys heart....
  15. MedicPrincess

    Completed - EMTLife Maintenance - 1/18/09 - 10 PM EST

    On behalf of all of us at EMTLife I would like to send our sincere condolences to the family of firecoins jr. He will be sharing is beautiful music with all the angels in birdie heaven now.....
  16. MedicPrincess

    the 100% directionless thread

    LOL!!! I love Scrubs! Its on Comedy Central.... and "Everything Comes Down To Poo!!!"
  17. MedicPrincess

    ALS Upgrade refused

    Do you not have automatic ALS response on at least some calls? It would seem Cardiac Arrest would be one of those that would warrant it, if even a Supervisor vehicle or chase car. I am constantly reminded how fortuant I am to be in an all ALS response area. We don't have BLS 911 units here.
  18. MedicPrincess

    ABD Distension after Nitro???

    I did finally get back there. The verdict is... Small bowel obstruction. Her ABD was full of and filling with air. Didn't have time to talk to the Dr about the relation between the Nitro and the onset. I would guess the lowering of her BP and relieved some the of the constriction she had...
  19. MedicPrincess

    ABD Distension after Nitro???

    I had been thinking the AAA as well, was curious if y'all had any other thoughts. I work again tonight, if I get to that hospital I'm going to see if I can find out anything.
  20. MedicPrincess

    ABD Distension after Nitro???

    0230 hrs- PT- 64 y/o F pt, found laying in bed, in some distress. She c/o CP, substernal with radiation to L shoulder and arm, sharp/stabbing, 9/10, constant without ability to get any relief for the past 12 hrs. Pt also c/o N/V, SOB, generalized weakness, and near syncope throughout the...