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    EMT in Alberta looking for resume help

    I have applied on almost every job that AHS has listed in the past year and a half in the Calgary area. I've had one call back and haven't heard anything from the interview. Does anyone have any suggestions on getting on with Alberta Health Services? Anyone have a resume they got a job with...
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    Not much, what's up with you?

    Not much, what's up with you?
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    I have been doing all of the vital signs. I've been pretty much doing everything with no emphasis from my preceptors on delegation. It seems like they just sit back and watch me and when I ask them for something they just say 'okay, you can do that too' or something. So yeah, I get that I should...
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    Thanks for all the advice. I've done about 30 calls. I've gained a lot of confidence over the course of this month. I still have issues leading a call from beginning to end. I find I don't have much of a problem dealing with the patient. I don't struggle with the interaction part, just seems...
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    Currently I'm doing my BLS practicum. I've actually only got 2 days left. I think it has been going well. I've stumbled on a few things, gotten better over time. My preceptor today tells me that maybe I should consider a different career as I'm too 'task oriented'. When I show up on scene I...
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    Just started my practicum..

    I am like you. I'll probably never forget the stuff I've been wrong about. Thank you for the words of encouragement.
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    Just started my practicum..

    Oh, last week or so. Today is day 6. I feel like I've gotten better since the first day but I still don't feel like I'm "there" yet. I know how to do things I'm supposed to but when I get on scene my mind is racing and stuff just seems to fall apart. It makes me look diffident and I don't want...
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    Combative patient.

    She was not alert and oriented to anything. She kept swearing at me and shoving (weakly) me away.
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    Combative patient.

    I'm currently taking my emt and a scenario we had last monday went like this. 20 year old female was "not making any sense" to security so they called an ambulance. Upon arrival she was very non compliant and kept shoving us away and kept refusing treatment. She was very weak and had an...
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    Treating a rapist.

    I've been posed with a question I don't have the answer to as I have no formal experience working with an emergency service. If your patient happens to be a rapist of someone, anyone, I know your duty is to be unbiased and treat everyone equally, but seriously. How do you do that when you're...
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    Preparing for practicum

    Just finished my first semester. Got an A average. I was just wondering if there was anything you guys/gals would recommend for preparing for the practicum I'm about to go on. We've got 5 clinical days, one OR day and about a month of ambulance time. They've already told us a few tips and stuff...
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    EMT Training in Ontario will it be sufficient for Alberta?

    The training should be pretty much the same. I'm not sure how Ontario is governed but here in Alberta, we have to become certified with the governing provincial body. The Alberta College of Paramedics does all of that stuff. You have to register with them by writing their test. They have a bunch...