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  1. thatgirl00

    How do you carry your stethoscope?

    haha :) mines around neck
  2. thatgirl00

    New NBC series "Trauma" this fall

    ok well i just finished watching it (I have class on Mon nghts so I gotta watch it online.) Anyyyway, I mean the story line is ok. To be honest it's what we should have expected. Mistakes, sex, family probs. It is afterall , a tv show..... they could spend a lil more time trying to make sure...
  3. thatgirl00

    New NBC series "Trauma" this fall

    MY GOD! You might just have taken something ridiculous and turned it into something marvelous!
  4. thatgirl00

    texting woman almost kills EMT's

    I am glad you and the other EMT's are safe and they got that non-driving lady! you tell a funny story. :)
  5. thatgirl00

    question for medics

    But paramedics are not to ever remove something stuck in the body right? Like a knife or something?
  6. thatgirl00

    question for medics

    THat is what I thought, thank you
  7. thatgirl00

    question for medics

    if someone gets in a bad motorcycle crash and gets rocks/gravel stuck in their arm do the paramedics remove it, or do they just wrap it and transport? i am asking cause i was talking about this with a friend, i would think they just wrap and transport cause I thought EMTs werent allowed to...
  8. thatgirl00

    Landed a Job!

    Great! how long did it take you to get a job after being certified?
  9. thatgirl00

    THe REal Reason you became an EMT-B

    Um well.. I know that EMT's and Paramedics saved my brothers life when he had his horrible accident.. though he cannot walk, he is still alive because whoever responded to the call got him to where he needed to be. Also my dad has suffered many heart attacks and angina(?) attacks and I...
  10. thatgirl00

    NBC Medic Channel?

    People enroll in EMT class cause of a TV show they saw?? how long does it take them to drop out when they figure out nothing is scripted lol
  11. thatgirl00

    Here I go :D

    I believe that! and thanks :)
  12. thatgirl00

    Here I go :D

    It went well :D I love my instructors and am always excited to get back to class. We got straight to learning stuff too, that's for sure. But it's fun and is only going to get more interesting :D Good luck with your class :)!
  13. thatgirl00

    Start Basic Training Soon...worried about long shifts..sleep is essential.

    Yea :D I did my ride along the other day and not a single CALL. Go figure!! One paramedic slept for like 4 hours straight...the other took like 2 15 minute naps and the rest of the time was doing stuff around the station. I studied and slept..haha. Everyday will be different in the EMS field and...
  14. thatgirl00

    Working while a student

    Who worked while they were in Basic class and if you did, how many hours did you work a week? I am asking cause my job has scheduled me every night this week except my class nights, leaving me no time to study until late at night which obviously I cannot stay up all night and study every...
  15. thatgirl00

    Yes I started last night :D. Cant wait to go back

    Yes I started last night :D. Cant wait to go back
  16. thatgirl00

    Here I go :D

    Thanks! I want to work full time as an EMT-B and then depending on how much I like or love it (which I am suure I will!), I will try for my Paramedic or go to nursing school. :-)
  17. thatgirl00

    Hey hope you are doing alright!

    Hey hope you are doing alright!
  18. thatgirl00

    Here I go :D

    Sorry if these posts get ANNOYING to you all but I am so excited about my class. My first class is tonight at 6 pm. so in, 3 hours. I got my books today and looked through them a little but not much. I know it's just Basic but I am so excited. I have waited to get in the class for almost a year...
  19. thatgirl00

    Wish me luck!!! I start my class tomorrow!!!!

    whoa, and I thought I was excited!
  20. thatgirl00

    Oh nothing happened! I just tried to take my mind off emt for a while (didn't happen) cause it...

    Oh nothing happened! I just tried to take my mind off emt for a while (didn't happen) cause it was forever away. plus i started working more hours at my current job (ew) lol. :) So we will kinda be going through the Basic together :)!