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    Suggestions for Spain?

    Forum Deputy, Respectfully, I have. In addition to running calls, I do have other experience but I’m not a medic. My question was specific to opportunities in a Spanish-speaking countries to get a temp on what’s going on, what their needs are, would it be possible to work as an EMT there, etc...
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    Suggestions for Spain?

    Well, for many reasons! My passion lies in medicine *and* Spanish. A medical internship abroad in a Spanish-speaking country will allow me to * add to my medical exposure * gain a new perspective * and immerse myself in the language I don’t think it’s wasted time whatsoever. Their EMS is...
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    EMS in Spain

    Did you ever find work as an EMT in Madrid? I'm an EMT-B looking for a paid internship in Spain. I'd *love* to work as an EMT in Spain. My Spanish is fairly solid; I'd also bring a bachelor's degree and 4 years of experience on Rescue Squad in a small city. Do you have any suggestions regarding...
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    Suggestions for Spain?

    Hi Everyone, I'm a NREMT-B following a premed track at UVA. Bio major, Spanish minor. It looks like the trend for med school applications is to do a Gap Year and travel. That sounds great to me because it allows me to experience a different culture and health care system. *Old* threads here...