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    Big Wigs up there...

    I made one of those for an exercise once. They're actually really strong. Finding good sticks was the real problem, but I suppose that depends on where you are.
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    Raleigh International

    It's not only not paid, it's actually pretty expensive. I've heard it's alright, but you're mostly babysitting kids on field trips.
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    Sternal rub... who's doing it?

    I've found the supraorbital notch handy in some situations. I've never even heard of the hand drop test. Sounds kind of odd.
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    Faith to stay ok

    Gonna have to side with the nopers. I like the job, it's fun and I do like helping people, but it's not a "calling" and faith doesn't really play into it.
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    If it's an option, LASIK is fantastic. I had it done a few years ago and it was the best decision I ever made.
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    Do you refer to non-Paramedics as "Medics"?

    Yes, but the terminology is a bit different up here in the wilds of Canada.
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    Ultimate training

    gingerbeef, if you're looking for a basic ICS course, the JIBC has some online ones. The basic one is often free. Though these courses seem like way more fun.
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    Tablet for School?

    I use a note 8 for pretty much everything, and I love it. It has handwriting recognition and is great for drawing diagrams and such. I don't take a large amount of notes, so it works out great. Great educational tool, and easy to move around and use. I also had to get an ipad for school, just...
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    Just got licensed as an ACP. What next?

    I would seriously consider an RN bridge program, depending on the details of the program itself. RN is a pretty solid career path, and compliments being a medic pretty well.
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    Just got licensed as an ACP. What next?

    It's the most poorly organized program I've ever seen. Textbooks arrived a month late, materials are put up late, broken, or not at all. Instructors are hardly involved with their courses at all, and are barely useful when they are. I took some courses at TRU a few years ago. No complaints at all.
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    Just got licensed as an ACP. What next?

    I would advise against going to Holland College. TRU's a pretty good school, though.
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    Did EMS Pay the Bills in 2014?

    It did. I was a chef before becoming a medic, so I basically went from not being able to afford food to paying off all my debts and going back to school. A great year for me.
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    Wilderness med kit suggestions

    The Trevor Owen bags look pretty nice. Have you used them?
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    Wilderness med kit suggestions

    I like the idea of a tackle box; It's not something I had thought to really look into that much. I'll certainly be looking into the options there. I haven't finalized the list yet, but acetazolamide, diphenhydramine, dimenhydrinate, ibuprofin, epi, three day course of cipro, loperimide, maybe...
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    Wilderness med kit suggestions

    I'm putting together a med kit for a bit of an expedition this summer, and I'm trying to find a good way to store and protect pills and ampules on the road. I've looked at a few kits, but they're all either rather bulky or do little to protect and sort the meds. Can anyone suggest any products...
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    Outrageous tuition?

    I paid about 8k for PCP, and ACP is costing about 35,000 all together.
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    4 High-Value Jobs That Don’t Pay Nearly Enough

    Up here teachers, cops, and firefighters all make great money. All three are well above the national average. Lifeguards make pretty good money, as well. My first job was as a lifeguard, and I didn't make that much money at a job again until my mid twenties. Care aides, on the other hand...
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    British Columbia (Canada) EMS

    The PCP program at the JIBC is more of a study guide for the licensing exams. They do very little to actually train good paramedics. It seems to me that BC is trying to counter the constant flow of paramedics out of the province my throwing people through the certification process as quickly as...
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    OPA Use

    Which is why we only put OPAs in unresponsive patients.
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    Shortness of breath question

    O2 sat of 97 is great. If there's no symptoms of SOB, there's no real reason to give O2. To use the old phrase, treat the patient not the machine/call/complaint. Also, 5L through a cannula is a lot. It feels like someone blowing up your nose with a straw. It's a good idea to try it on sometimes...