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  1. Tjfemt911

    I'm pretty good! Still job hunting... how about you? sorry, haven't been on here in awhile.

    I'm pretty good! Still job hunting... how about you? sorry, haven't been on here in awhile.
  2. Tjfemt911

    What made you join EMS?

    First reason- My dad was a flight medic for 20 years and I remember being really young and asking my dad how his shift went and what calls he went on. I basically interviewed him every night he came home. haha. My dad is my hero and that's what sparked my flame. :) Second- I'm an extremely...
  3. Tjfemt911

    When were you...

    No, the only volunteer opportunity that is semi close is the triage desk at a local hospital.. :glare: I had my first shift tonight...
  4. Tjfemt911

    When were you...

    When were you hired for your first EMT-B job? How long after getting your license. I'm kind of irritated and discouraged because I'm a new EMT-B with no experience and every place I apply wants "experienced" emts, HOWEVER, how are we supposed to get any experience if nobody will hire us? :huh:<_<
  5. Tjfemt911

    New Years Regrets

    Wow, what a jerk. I am just amazed. I've never been treated good by a guy... so hearing this makes me sick that someone would take advantage of it.. :glare:
  6. Tjfemt911

    New Years Regrets

    I'm sorry you feel as if you've "lost God", But He hasn't moved so you are quite lucky! Go back and find Him. He's out in the clear blue ready to be sought out by you! And Resolution #2 - Good luck! Girls suck.. but let me say.. guys suck just as much.. so, we are all screwed. :P
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    New Years Eve Plans ??

    Nothing amazing. Seeing Avatar 3D for the third time with some friends and watching the ball drop... WISHING I had a job to work. A busy night it would be...^_^
  8. Tjfemt911

    just passed, now whats next.....

    I've been certified since late September... Nothing yet. a good website I've used is Then type in your state.... Hope it helps! :P I'm looking too.. its tough not finding a job.. we just have to persevere... :glare:
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    That's encouraging! As a volunteer will I be able to know about internal jobs and when they are hiring etc..? :P
  10. Tjfemt911


    Even though I'm not really using my skills? -_-
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    I went in today to have my mantoux to be cleared for volunteering in the ER dept at a local hospital (fairview). However, I'm at the triage desk for now. Will that even look good on a resume? Would I learn anything new ems wise? or keep my skills up? I'm also going to start volunteering at...
  12. Tjfemt911

    Calling recruiting post interview

    DEFINATELY call. For sure.
  13. Tjfemt911

    Minnesota EMTs or Medics?

    oops! I was talking to fma08 when I asked that! But hey, good to know! I'm 30 miles north of the cities..
  14. Tjfemt911

    Do you sport a favorite type of undies?

    DEFINITELY boy shorts. love em. ^_^
  15. Tjfemt911

    Welcome to the wonderfully corrupt world of EMS! =D

    Welcome to the wonderfully corrupt world of EMS! =D
  16. Tjfemt911

    Minnesota EMTs or Medics?

    Yes, I have tried all the hospitals.. fma08 - Are you talking to me or ethorp? Are you around this cities?
  17. Tjfemt911

    Minnesota EMTs or Medics?

    Ugh... that's discouraging! <_< That really stinks.. I don't know what i'm going to do..
  18. Tjfemt911

    facebook and yes, I am sticking my head in a mailbox on my profile picture.:P
  19. Tjfemt911

    Finally Employed as an EMTB

    WOW!!! :D Congratulations! I'm envious!!:P
  20. Tjfemt911

    How old were you?

    I had just turned 18 a month before getting NREMT. I thought I was young! Guess not!:P