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    Renal failure and Sepsis/hyperglycemia

    I I’m not talking about CRRT, I’m talking about lasix if u overload a little too much. Just saying we don’t do that, we’ll let the ER/ICU do that if we give them a bit too much
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    Renal failure and Sepsis/hyperglycemia

    If someone is septic and symptomatic, we aren't withholding or limiting our fluids initially. The ER/ICU can always diurese them later if needed. Our protocols do state we need to re-assess every 250ml in the field.
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    COVID VACCINE - The Megathread

    I got the first vaccine but nothing since. Never got covid and we transported many confirmed covid patients every shift. Something didn't sit right with me. A lot of people I knew got covid after getting their second shot, some female friends had menstrual issues for months after getting the...
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    EMSA Ambulance Catches Fire

    Wow. We've had one of our Transit CCT units blow up on the side of the freeway a couple years ago. The crew said they were driving down the freeway when suddenly it lost all power, they were able to baby it to the shoulder and it just started smoking. It then fully engulfed about 3min later...
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    Phoenix AZ Respiratory Therapist CCT

    We see RT's on PICU/NICU transport teams and on private ambulance companies. The ones on private ambulance companies pretty much just run calls with a BLS crew (SNF to ER, ER to SNF, discharge with vent, etc.). I don't know the pay in AZ but the private ambulance RT's only make $32/hr roughly...
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    STEMI - Inter Facility Transfer

    Exactly what we thought and what we did. The sending facility basically let him sit there in shock for hours and didnt do any treatment until we arrived and asked for it
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    STEMI - Inter Facility Transfer

    As stated above, BP improves to 112/92 enroute with a HR still in the 110's. As soon as you arrive at the STEMI center and are backing into the ambulance bay, patient goes into PEA arrest. You start CPR, give 1 dose of epi and transfer the patient to the ER staff. After 25min of resus efforts...
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    STEMI - Inter Facility Transfer

    Levophed then dopamine. No additional 12 lead as the stemi transfer was already initiated. Cant remember why dopamine was also requested. In LA County, CCT-RN’s are not allowed to intubate on ground transport, only use i-gels which is why a Dr might be helpful. BP raises to 112/92 halfway...
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    STEMI - Inter Facility Transfer

    The info we got was that was the only 12 lead done prior to getting the call for a stemi transfer. Didn’t get exact lab values on this call but remember the RN saying the trop was “high”. No other meds given at all besides 1L NS bolus. First time producing blood yes Temp was normal and lung...
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    STEMI - Inter Facility Transfer

    I'm gonna throw in a call we had. Interesting stuff happened. You are a CCT crew called code 3 to a hospital's telemetry floor for an urgent STEMI transfer to a hospital with a cath lab. Your transport time will be 11min from hospital to hospital and you have 1 CCT-RN and 2 EMT's on board...
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    InterFacility Transfer - Chest Pain

    Original plan was to transfer to the hospital with cardiac cath and then send her to the hospital closest to her after. When she refused cath, they decided to send her to the non cath hospital closest to her with a plan to transfer her back and forth for the cath if she decided to do it. In...
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    InterFacility Transfer - Chest Pain

    Exactly what we did, nitro and morphine (what we carry). Pain subsided and 12lead at the bedside was faxed to the Dr who wasn’t concerned enough to transfer to a stemi center
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    InterFacility Transfer - Chest Pain

    Actual call here. Not super exciting but figured I would post more IFT calls since we don't get a ton in the scenario section. Keep in mind, we are a CCT truck in LA County which means we have a CCT-RN and 2 EMT's on board. You are called for a non-emergent transfer of a 84yo female with a...
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    EMT-B responds to 2 GSW Victims

    A 2 person GSW happens like everyday in our system in LA, it's routine. Definitley not de-breifing that. And unless your the 911 provider assigned to the call, calling for a helicopter off duty is not going to get you a helicopter.
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    Night watch

    Well prehospital and IFT are different. CCT has orders from the Dr and by that point they have already been examined, scanned, treatment started and going to definitive/higher level of care.
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    Who clamps their tubs before transfering to a different vent? (CCT Transfers)

    We have never clamped a tube on any CCT shift even during the whole pick of covid. Only seen it done once at a facility when we were transferring a patient to Cedars Sinai.
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    Rialto Medics refuse to enter SNF, Claiming Unspecified COVID law.

    Correct, however the firefighters can be individually sued I believe if they are acting "outside the capacity/scope" of their job and/or "gross negligence". Pretty sure we can all agree this is gross negligence especially when the staff is saying multiple other Rialto firefighters have never...
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    Nurse or Medic?

    Working on a CCT IFT ambulance as an RN is great if you want to go back to school for an NP, MSN, etc. or if you have another job and you want to do it on the side. A lot of companies right now in CA at least pay OK hourly but OT and extra shifts is where you can make $$$. An RN I work with made...
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    What is your most ridiculous call?

    Anxiety/Panic attack. So dumb the nurses even laughed as we told em.
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    What is your most ridiculous call?

    Transporting a person to the hospital because they witnessed a car accident. Meanwhile, the people actually involved in the accident were not injured at all and didn't even need police assistance. Minor damage.