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  1. Mufasa556

    Community Ambulance Las Vegas area

    I think they got a portion or all of the strip now. I saw them out and about a lot last time I was in Vegas. From what I’ve heard, it’s a decent place to work. They posted a a well done recruitment video recently. Though I did notice that everyone in the video has a silly haircut and now I feel...
  2. Mufasa556

    Paramedic, 21, killed in Tonbridge, UK ambulance crash

    Heartbreaking. My best to her family, friends and coworkers.
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    Rialto Medics refuse to enter SNF, Claiming Unspecified COVID law.

    Does Rialto run dual medic ambulances? Isn’t there some 19-year-old ambulance operator they could’ve sacrificed for the cause? “Alright boys, go get ‘em.” That’s how OCFA would’ve handled it when I was at Doctor’s.
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    So Cal AMR Paramedic Jobs

    What are your career goals?
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    Jury awards nearly $50 million after Fresno County man injured in ambulance ride

    His TO said it was cool. There’s really no details in the article. I’d really like to know what exactly “…decided to readjust the tube” means and why exactly the tube needed to be readjusted. I’m curious how the jury went from the procedure facility jamming an endoscopy tube down his throat to...
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    different CCT programs in Socal?

    I bounced around companies in LA/OC from 09 to 2018 and have since moved out of state. Does anyone in LA/OC run a put together CCT program like Bowers/Pacific did back in the day or is that a thing of the past? If so, who are the new players? When I punched out in 2018 Doctors had a haphazardly...
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    Paramedic Jobs in the Denver Area -911

    Thanks for the info. Much appreciated.
  8. Mufasa556

    Paramedic Jobs in the Denver Area -911

    Does South Park hire basics? I’m getting pretty sick of the ER tech life but don’t want to go back to AMR or any of the private companies. I’ve lived that life already.
  9. Mufasa556

    Lights & Sirens

    Very cool. I’m not a big fan of EMS books anymore since I’ve been doing this for so long, but I’ll totally read Canning’s. Especially if it’s got an addict component, since I’ve been working psych for the last two years and the burnout is high.
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    Lights & Sirens

    Does anyone know if Peter Canning still writes EMS books? I started reading his books in high school and that’s what got me into this business.
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    COVID VACCINE - The Megathread

  12. Mufasa556

    EMT Employment Disqualification

    I’d call up some 911 companies and ask them. You could IFT around for a while as an attendant to get some experience first.
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    Coronavirus Discussion Thread

    Dan Aykroyd has webbed feet. He danced pretty good in the Blues Brothers and wrote Ghostbusters. Having webbed feet doesn’t seem all that bad. Maybe we’re just setting ourselves up for a future undefeatable Olympic swim team? USA! USA!
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    ER Tech Jobs in Denver Area

    That’s the position I was referencing. The Paramedic part threw me off as well. AMR lost the Golden contract to, I believe, Stadium. I heard they’re running 3 ambulances for the city. Maybe 24s? I’m not sure. It’s worth looking into. Do you have a firefighting cert? There’s a bunch of little...
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    ER Tech Jobs in Denver Area

    Lutheran in Wheat Ridge fairly consistently hires ED and BH techs. Denver Health recently opened for EMTs. Starting rate is just about $17/hr.
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    Orange County and SE LA County - Paramedic Private Ambulance

    Any update on how Lynch is doing with their 911 contract? I’ve been rooting for them, but I’ve heard some bad things through the grapevine.
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    Any info on Guardian Ambulance in El Monte?

    if anyone wants to know what SoCal EMS is like, this post sums it up.
  18. Mufasa556

    Any info on Guardian Ambulance in El Monte?

    Guardian is still around? I thought they folded years ago. If you’re looking for a decent SoCal medic gig, Lynch isn’t a bad option. They’re about to be the 911 medic provider for Placentia.
  19. Mufasa556

    Care ambulance

    Sounds like you have to wait a year between apps after being non-selected and that you can reapply in August. Call HR to confirm. Are you working now? If not, apply to Emergency, Doctors and Lynch. Get some experience under your belt for when you reapply in August.
  20. Mufasa556

    Coronavirus Discussion Thread

    Yesterday I watched an AMR crew try and staple their N95 back together since they’re only getting 1 a shift. Seems like things are going well out there.