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  1. VentMonkey

    Humoral EZ/IO and Lucas Devices

    Never forget the extension tubing on a tibial IO in a 407. That is all.
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    Down After a Night Out

    I would have a hard time explaining my way out of not RSI’ing this patient with the information provided. However, I am no longer a ground provider and there are a few nuances to consider in the aeromedical vs ground environment. Anyhow, I digress.
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    Thoughts on RNs being allowed to challenge Medic exam?

    The Missus knew from an early age (pre-teen/ teen) that she wanted to go to nursing school. She started college level prereq’s in HS, got her CNA and worked at a SNF and hospital prior to nursing school. All of this was before she hit 20. Her nursing program had a wait list to contend with so...
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    Thoughts on RNs being allowed to challenge Medic exam?

    I would be curious to gain insight from bridge program nurses who bridged with their paramedic license and/ or experience. Did/ do they feel the curriculum missed was a non-factor? I realize requirements can vary by state. My state did it for like 2 years, but I have yet to come across one...
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    Thoughts on RNs being allowed to challenge Medic exam?

    My statements are my opinions and observations, much like yours. Isn’t that the point of these discussions and forums? Also, I feel it’s at least relevant to this thread. Cheers. I think you finally argued back your own (and my) point. Very experienced paramedic here. I have the experience...
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    Paramedic Certificate to Degree

    Incredibly easy actually. The online services most these universities use, like Parchment, make it really quick and easy to get transcripts transferred over. What took the longest was getting my HS transcripts. Ironically enough I was in the midst of applying to EKU’s ASP online degree when I...
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    Thoughts on RNs being allowed to challenge Medic exam?

    I highly doubt most nurses—with the exception of those holding a paramedic license—go to nursing school with an end goal of obtaining a paramedic license. I think a lot of paramedics see nurses/ nursing (specifically the ER/ ICU specialties) as somewhat comparable to EMS. I think they’re...
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    Is riding two 10 hour shifts a week enough to be a good medic?

    Traditionally, medical calls will require more forethought than trauma.
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    Paramedic Certificate to Degree

    They’re definitely making the pursuit of higher education much easier nowadays. And, my National Registry is finally paying off all these years later. I’m glad I’ve kept it up. I still can’t wrap my head around nursing school. I’ve tried, I just can’t.
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    STEMI - Inter Facility Transfer

    A bit of V/Q mismatch perhaps…
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    Paramedic Certificate to Degree

    @fm_emt thanks for the lead, looks like I’ll be starting in the Fall.
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    Hennepin and Allina EMS

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    the 100% directionless thread

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    the 100% directionless thread

    TBD. It’s supposed to roll out at the beginning of 2023 is my understanding. They mentioned a paramedic refresher also being in the works, so all good and promising things. I know when me and the others from our base went they were in between filming the courses for it. I’d imagine comparable...
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    the 100% directionless thread

    Truthfully I’ve procrastinated quite a bit this recert cycle. That and all of the AMC training the last six months. Side note, stoked about the Ascent rollout.
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    the 100% directionless thread

    Didn’t realize until I called the NREMT yesterday that the con-ed requirement changes are permanent, so now it can be live or distributive for all CE required. I was under the impression it was merely a temporary Covid thing. Awesome. Finally, they made it way more convenient.
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    Emergency the Tv show turns 50

    Anyone that’s in and around the SoCal area who’s a fan, definitely worth the visit. They’ve restored all of the vehicles have some cool merch signed by most of the cast members and it’s only $5 a head. My son and I had a blast. My wife was a sweet, and very patient bystander.
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    Emt partner

    Too much Tapatillo in the diet, bruh…. In all seriousness, @mgr22 hit the nail on the head. Nothing new. Take the higher road, aka, the road less traveled. Really, it’s a personal choice//shrugs//…
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    Train accident

    Also plausible.