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    Schedules and crew rest policies

    2. Most areas are on a 24-hour schedule for the clinicians as a CAMTS requirement however we do have some very select areas that are able to do 48-hour shifts. Rotations for the 24-hour shifts is XOXOOOOO. 3. Crew rest can be called at any time by any crew member. The length of time the base is...
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    REMSA fixed wing crash

    With any sort of aviation crashes, there is really no point in speculating as there can be many causes both human and nonhuman related. Jumping to conclusions doesn’t help anything and can only hurt if everyone starts saying it was pilot error and it later turns out the pilot did everything 100%...
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    Is riding two 10 hour shifts a week enough to be a good medic?

    A lot of it is going to depend on call volume. If you are running 5+ calls on each one of those shifts, then that will help you to improve. If you are usually not running any calls on those shifts, it will be very difficult.
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    Substitutes for Epipen for Allergic Reactions in the Field/Wilderness

    Epinephrine is the mainstay treatment. EpiPens are popular since they are easy to use and portable. Benadryl is a secondary treatment and is typically given in the IV/IM route at 25-50mg.
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    InterFacility Transfer - Chest Pain

    I am not seeing any real ST depression in 1 or AVL. The monitor is only calculating them as -0.04 and -0.14 respectively. There is T wave inversion.
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    InterFacility Transfer - Chest Pain

    Continue with the transport as normal. I’m not seeing a STEMI on the 12-lead. She has already been Dx with NSTEMI which can cause chest pain and she has been having pain off and on during her hospital stay. I would have liked to get a 12-lead on patient contact as a baseline and then get...
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    COVID VACCINE - The Megathread

    As the article states “no other safety systems have shown a similar signal and multiple subsequent analyses have not validated this signal”. So as of right now it is way to early to tell anything and based on the wording of their statement, it for now appears as if it is nothing at all.
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    COVID VACCINE - The Megathread

    “There also may be other confounding factors contributing to the signal identified in the VSD that merit further investigation. Furthermore, it is important to note that, to date, no other safety systems have shown a similar signal and multiple subsequent analyses have not validated this...
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    Interfacility Question

    It would probably be more comfortable as it would be much more comfortable. It may not be cheaper and insurance may not cover a flight.
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    Interfacility Question

    Outside of an emergency situation I have not heard of this happening. When my ground agency is going to do any long distance transfers such as this, we require early notice and will staff the ambulance with 3-4 providers so that crews can trade off. One drives, one sleeps, one does patient care...
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    Does anyone know of a review class for the psychomotor exam?

    The NREMT psychomotor exam went away from the EMT level a couple of years ago and is supposed to be going away from AEMT and Medic levels early this year if not already. They are being replaced with program specific skills testing.
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    Woodstock residents at risk to lose EMS services

    If you want EMS services in your town, you gotta pay for them
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    the 100% directionless thread

    Nope but just saw all the news reports about the player going down on the field in cardiac arrest. Also for those who follow rally car and the like, Ken Block died today after a snowmobile accident.
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    A mix of #2 and #4. Have partner call for PD. If the bleeding is major then toss on a TQ and get her to the ambulance and start going to the ED. If the bleeding isn’t major then just get her to the ambulance. Contact the ED so they can stage security around the ED.
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    the 100% directionless thread

    It is live already. New employees who are in the training process have access to it. For those employees who are no longer in training, it will be utilized as the review course/CEs for FP-C/CFRN.
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    the 100% directionless thread

    They did send out an email from them back in October of this year with that information.
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    Telehealth companies may have shared patient data with tech companies

    I’ve actually been a huge fan of it. I’ve used it multiple times personally. We have actually incorporated telemedicine into our 911 system. We will still send out an ALS unit to do an assessment and if the patient has Medicare other government based insurance and they meet specific criteria...
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    Paramedic pretends to be a doctor. It goes about as you'd expect.

    It will also be interesting to see what an audit of all his charts looks like as you have several crew members/former partners saying he did procedures well outside his scope as a medic but the official statement from the company is that he never acted outside his scope.
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    “Well all the trucks have roaches” should never be an answer or used as justification. If even one rig had roaches in it, it should be taken out of service and the issue handled professionally before returning to service. If all the trucks have roaches and management isn’t doing anything about...
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    EMT-B responds to 2 GSW Victims

    As stated before it is going to vary greatly by system. Some systems allow HEMS to be activated upon initiation of a 911 call. Some systems require a designated person to be on scene before HEMS is requested. I think we are all aware that this took place in a rural setting. That doesn’t change...