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    OP: I suggest you re-read the linked thread. While we do help each other in (sometimes) a lively manner about things related to EMS and (rarely) nursing (as that pertains to EMS), we do not provide medical or psychiatric advice. This is not the appropriate forum for that. Please find an...
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    Paramedic certificate to an associates degree

    I am locking this thread as this is a duplicate. See the thread here:
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    InterFacility Transfer - Chest Pain

    Well, I'm seeing this with the "benefit" of having read the conclusion... but what I would have done was what was ultimately done. I would have treated the chest pain using nitro first, then morphine as needed. I didn't see anything that clearly screamed "STEMI" and the patient has already been...
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    Paramedics transporting patients with drips and pumps

    IMHO, as long as the Paramedic is familiar with the meds, the equipment, and knows how/why/when to titrate a given medication, it should be absolutely OK for a Paramedic to transport a patient needing meds that requires titration. Critical Care nurses that are willing to do transport aren't...
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    The DA still has to prove that it was known that the "act" was known to by the defendants to have a "strong probability" to cause death or great bodily injury. If the defendants have only been taught that the "act" had a possibility of death/GBI then that becomes a mitigating factor and points...
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    I would say that the DA likely would have a reasonably difficult establishing a case for 1st Degree Murder as the DA would probably have a difficult time proving intent to actually kill. I would suspect that at trial, they'll probably push for something like 1st Degree Murder and lesser included...
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    Thoughts on RNs being allowed to challenge Medic exam?

    I have no problems with this. However, I must say that doing internship hours should be a requirement of attaining a Paramedic cert. The reason I say this is actually pretty simple. An internship allows for an easily supervised learning experience for the person that's never done EMS before. For...
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    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

    Merry Christmas (belated) to one and all! May the upcoming year be amazing in as many ways as possible!
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    the 100% directionless thread

    Glad to be home after Jury Duty. Won't have to do that for at least another 18 months. All I had to do this go-round was show up at the Courthouse, wait to be called to a courtroom, watch a movie while waiting for said courtroom need. No need for additional jurors today, so I got to go home.
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    the 100% directionless thread

    Just build a giant coffin. With a motor and a skeg. You can fish with it, hunt ducks with it, and when you're dead, you can be buried in it...
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    the 100% directionless thread

    For certain locations/missions, they can be ideal. Most urban areas? No. Rural? Absolutely. The one thing I worry about with them is weight. Helipads/heliports do often have weight restrictions... hopefully the upcoming tiltrotors aren't too heavy.
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    Appendicitis.... Cardiac issue

    RLQ pain / positive McBurney’s point definitely speaks to an appy. Asking about meds got the ASA as a daily med. That is not usual so… good on the crew to keep their suspicion elevated. The rapidity of losing pulses usually means something popped. Proximity to the hospital and fast recognition...
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    Didn't call a stroke alert. Ended up being a stroke

    This is something more people should remember... especially in places where the norm is for only ALS crews to bring patients to the ED.
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    Didn't call a stroke alert. Ended up being a stroke

    I would say that, on the whole, you did the right thing for that patient. You found that the patient was having some kind of acute problem, knew you were about 5 minutes away from a hospital, determined that ALS wasn't available so transport was the appropriate thing to do, and you got it done...
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    the 100% directionless thread

    One of the more interesting bits of life is that I kind of didn't remember just how slippery neonates are... Had a surprise delivery this morning while I was doing triage. And no, I didn't drop the baby. :cool:
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    the 100% directionless thread

    Kaiser can be a really good thing or it can be a less than garbage thing... all depends upon what you need and whether the physician you're seeing is willing to open the floodgate for you. The mental health side of things can sometimes leave much to be desired. I've heard this from clinicians...
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    New Here

    OP: for nursing-related stuff, AllNurses is a fantastic resource. This is primarily an EMS discussion board and while we do discuss nursing, it's only primarily about how nursing and EMS relate to each other. If you're looking for support related to your learning issues and your desire to...
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    Question on combined EMT-P and BSN/RN training

    Sounds like that's what the OP pretty much wants to do... but most places that I'm familiar with don't allow for a PHRN role, generally speaking, outside of HEMS. Much of what I was reading seemed to be (eventually) more aligned with doing rural/tribal NP work along with work as a Paramedic.
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    Normal glucose levels not normal for Pt.

    Yep. Usually diabetics get used to having both higher and lower levels than "normal." However, since their bodies may be inefficient in using insulin (not just simply requiring additional insulin) they my feel that having a higher blood glucose level than normal helps ensure that glucose will...
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    Parmedic to RN

    In my case, I think it certainly was! Of course I do have a much greater income and as an RN, I'm in an industry that's fairly resistant to recessions and depressions. It's a good gig for job security/stability. Given that I mostly have been trained along the medical model, the #1 most difficult...