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  1. DV_EMT

    the 100% directionless thread

    Yeah, both were hypovolemic or hypotension calls. Both coulda been fixed with some fluid and blood
  2. DV_EMT

    the 100% directionless thread

    Well, two ER calls today. Both receiving facilities *****ed my partner and I out about not diverting to a more appropriate facility.... ie, Doctors being lazy and not wanting to deal with what their being paid to do.
  3. DV_EMT

    How far do you drive?

    70-80 miles... Roughly 1-2 hours depending on traffic for a 24 hour shift x3 a week
  4. DV_EMT

    holding the wall

    For anyone who knows Hollywood Community Hospital... Longest time there was 1hr 45 mins..... Along with 5 other crews
  5. DV_EMT

    Does anyone chat anymore?

    I try to when I have Internet at a post.
  6. DV_EMT

    EMTLife Holiday EMT Gift Guide 2011

    Yes, but when working a BLS rig without ALS items it could come in handy
  7. DV_EMT

    Thought's on Pulse Oximeters

    I bought mine from CVS and it's fantastic for anyone without cold fingers. I highly recommend them for anyone on a BLS rig without cardiac monitors or ALS equipment. A digression, but I'm looking at the portable 3 lead as well (only since I'n dysrythmia certified
  8. DV_EMT

    the 100% directionless thread

    So had a CCT & RT call rolled into one yesterday. S/P Cardiac Arrest. Hx of AAA and a whole list of other stuff to complicate. On lots of potassium and amiodarone. Lets just say the CC-RN, RT, and I were sweating bullets during the entire transport (took us about an hour to get everything...
  9. DV_EMT

    Best online EMS clothing? they're great, hands down (event though they're more designed for Police gear)
  10. DV_EMT

    Iphone and Ipod Apps ...

    Protocols easyPCR (for volunteer EMS events) HazMat CHP Traffic
  11. DV_EMT

    Whacker truck!

    According to comments it was a demo car for a lighting company. Personally I think it'd give anyone a seizure.
  12. DV_EMT

    Medicating so you can work EMS?

    Norco for pain, 2 if needed for sleep. Usually doesn't impair my ability to work
  13. DV_EMT

    the 100% directionless thread

    24 hour shift we can sleep on. Any suggestions for passing time? NV- good man, way to get the stress out. As far as the 7 person transport. I saw 6 the most at one time. There was a 4 man crew for training, the PT and a family member. Looked like a clown car lol.
  14. DV_EMT

    the 100% directionless thread

    NVRob... listen to some Dirty Dirty Electro House... that usually cheers me up a bit when i'm feeling down. Side note: I have my first 24 hour shift tomorrow.... any suggestions?
  15. DV_EMT

    There's white stuff everywhere...

    how bout X-mas Lights along the border of the page? or at the top?
  16. DV_EMT

    EMT Holiday Wish List!

    I heard the NooK is far superior... even agreed
  17. DV_EMT

    OKC Johntv vid -A suspected street prostitute treated suspiciously by EMS

    +1 Seems every call for an "unresponsive person" turn out to be drunks or drugs... sometime homeless :rofl:
  18. DV_EMT

    I Love EMTLife Because

    I'll check it out!
  19. DV_EMT

    SoCal people, how you dooin'?

    It's a bit chilly, round 35 at night for the last week or so. Personally I like cold weather in Cali, we dont get much for a change of seasons so the cold windy weather reminds me of the Christmas time we never really get. Trust me 70-80 and sunny does get old after a while..... say 22 years
  20. DV_EMT

    I Love EMTLife Because

    Cause NVRob and I have similar taste in music Cause USAFMedic45 has got my back (especially when it comes to NTG) Linuss is my Eyes & Ears in TX, DFW area (and we're xbox live friends) Most scenarios here are great for critical thinking and it's a great place to just plain ol' shoot...