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    Where would you relocate?

    Interesting thread as I was just driving across the county on a three- week camp trip with my dog and checking out every ambulance I passed and wondering about their EMS services :P Started in Dare County, NC (obx) and ended up back in SF. Detoured through West Virginia, Chicago, Milwaukee...
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    Attention Everyone~ Paracord Bracelets!

    Just wanted to update- got mine in the mail today (it was sent a while ago but I was on vacation :) ) and it looks awesome! Thank you!!
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    I use this one, from target: it's not horrible. I like that there are a few different compartments to help protect the crushables (grapes, sandwiches) from the heavy things (yogurts, carrots) that would smoosh them. Can get a "stink" if left uncleaned after I get home from a 36hr shift...
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    Resume question

    ^^ I think is more for background checks and applications than RESUMES... It's kinda assumed that on a resume you really want to highlight pertinent positions and showcase your best and most relevant experience. I'm a CPRW (resume writer) who specializes in helping my EMS students with...
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    Duty Watches

    ^^ I dig it! Wish they made a ladies version... wtf females can't go on an "Emergency Mission?" :blink::blink: I've actually had a vexing hunt for an upscale duty watch because all women's are like... pink pearl oyster backing and bracelet bands styles. blegck. It's aggravating. No women...
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    AHA CPR instructor??

    Excellent- thanks so much for the info. Yeah I'm not sure if my organization qualifies. I think we do? We used to offer the AHA Instructor class but don't haven't had one in a few years (mainly because we already have two or three instructors who are certified). I replied to your PM-...
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    AHA CPR instructor??

    Effectively, anywhere between the south bay and Redding... lol, I'm willing to travel for it :D I instruct at a non-profit EMT/Paramedic program, however we don't offer an AHA CPR Instructor class... I've been looking for one without success.
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    patient assessment...the house and monk way

    lack of leg hair on a male always indicates cyclist road weenie to me :D
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    Flight Medic Boots??

    woah- these are cool looking (totally not gonna get approved at my company... lol! ) but still cool looking:
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    AHA CPR instructor??

    where are you guys getting your AHA CPR Instructor certs? I have had a frustrating time finding a class in Norcal, even with a teaching organization to sponsor me.
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    One Person Stretcher Lower (without patient)

    OP- it's kinda one of those "once you see it in person" type things... couldn't you ask your partner or a coworker? FWIW, it's generally on one side under the mattress (not both sides- you might not be able to find it if you're looking on the wrong side!) and you can help counterbalance the...
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    Difficult Airway Course

    ^^ willing to drive down to SF for a few days? UCSF/the San Francisco Paramedic Association run a GREAT airway cadaver lab course about 1x a year. Here's the description and link to last year's: Last year's was in November... schedule for this fall hasn't been released yet but should...
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    What to study prior to starting paramedic school

    Email the program coordinator at your school and ask them specifically what they recommend you work on.
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    Paramedic Program

    Very cool. when do classes start? Do you have a drug list to start studying over the summer?
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    Best Audio Study Material

    There are some decent Anatomy and Physiology lectures on recordings, but I don't know if that's too broad for you? Looking for paramedic-specific? Are you riding with someone? Could always give your co-pilot a study sheet and have them quiz you.
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    looking for toys

    this calls for.... GIANT MICROBES :cool:
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    Attention Everyone~ Paracord Bracelets!

    I'll take one, happy to support a medic student! Could I have it in the above style with Electric Blue as the inner color and Solar Orange as the outer sides? Do you need my wrist measurements? I'm a chica.... Also, is paracord MRSA resistant??? Cuz I am wondering how this is gonna...
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    Part time EMT jobs in CA

    Try RockMed. Part time for events.
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    Any EMT-P going to PA School?

    Stanford doesn't, technically, however entrance to the program is clearly competitive, so take that with a grain of salt.
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    What is the differene between an expert and a know-it-all?

    Sure, why not? Take Napolean Bonaparte- he was arguably one of the most expert military leaders of all time. He created this unparalleled army which trounced through Europe, yet had too much hubris to listen to his advisers when his forces were wanning (know it all!) and was ultimately...