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  1. Jon

    Happy EMS Week!

    Happy EMS Week; everyone. Sadly, not nearly as much free food this year :).
  2. Jon

    Remote / Offshore EMS gigs - where to look?

    Alrighty, I'm thinking about making a change. Anyone have an recommendations on where to look for oil industry / offshore paramedic jobs? Additionally - anyone know anything about the Marcellus Shale in PA? Any opportunities there?
  3. Jon

    Seasonal Medic (NREMT-I85/I99/Paramedic)

    Anyone want to come to Nevada/Arizona to work as a medic for the rest of the summer? Paramedics (and I99's): I85's:
  4. Jon

    NCEMSF Conference 2014 - Meetup/Roll Call

    Hi everyone, NCEMSF's 2014 conference is in Boston in 2 weeks - 2/28-3/2. I'm presenting Friday evening, others members are presenting and/or attending. Looks like we might actually pull off the first official EMTLife conference meetup. Who's going to be there?
  5. Jon

    Research position - Hartford, CT (CPR) Don't know the whole backstory. Assuming its grant-based. If it was local, I'd apply
  6. Jon

    Satire - NY State Scraps EMS Program The best sarcasm is based on truth.
  7. Jon

    High Winds and NOT RESPONDING?

    Hey folks, At what point does your service stop responding to calls in winds/storms/etc? Any firm guidance?
  8. Jon

    Andrews AFB Medic?

    Shot in the dark - anyone work there, or know anyone working there? I've got some questions for someone with boots-on-the-ground knowledge. Feel free to PM me.
  9. Jon

    EMS Provider needs help! (Valerie DeFrance thread)

    Normally here at EMTLife, we don't shill for outside organizations or partake in fundraising. In fact, I don't think we've ever done it before. Not that there aren't worthy causes, but because it really doesn't pertain to the online EMS community as a whole, and we try to keep that our focus...
  10. Jon

    ERG - Emergency Response Guide

    Hey, Those fancy orange ERG books - Is there a way to get them free from the Government? I know they aren't really expensive to buy them, but I like the idea of getting my money out of my tax dollars for my service. Anyone able to point me in the right direction?
  11. Jon


    One of the double-edged swords of online forums is that one must accept what a poster says about himself/herself at face value. Anonymity, or at least partial anonymity, is a protection for some. Sometimes it’s because their employer isn’t accepting of a presence in social media, sometimes it’s...
  12. Jon

    Falck - or the 900-pound gorilla no one is aware of

    Alright, From some research, Falck has bought out some large regional EMS agencies in the last year or so. Care Ambulance LifeStar Response (and their own acquisitions). There's also a Falck Northern CA - not sure if that's a startup or was someone else. Any other companies? I'm on the East...
  13. Jon

    Radios/Pagers - Looking for suggestions

    One of my services is transitioning from a VHF to a UHF dispatch/ops channel this summer. We will be dispatched and operate on the same channel (repeated). Dispatch is a standard Motorola QuickCall 2 tone pair. That system will be transitioning to the new frequency. We currently have...
  14. Jon

    Cave Rescue? Anyone dealt with it?

    Has anyone ever been trained in Cave Rescue? What sort of training did you receive? Does anyone have SOPs/SOGs for such a rescue?
  15. Jon

    Blog Roll?

    Hey gang, I read a LOT of EMS and EMS-related blogs. And I keep finding good ones. Is anyone interested in a "EMTLife Member Blogroll" - where all our forum members are able to post links to their blogs? Anyone have any negative thoughts? Jon
  16. Jon

    Drug Shortages

    I've noticed a disturbing trend in drug availability in the last 6-8 months or so (and even longer). This isn't lost on anyone anymore - it's made national news, and was a huge subject of discussion at EMSToday. But even though we see the problem - how do we fix it? What is YOUR service doing...
  17. Jon

    Requiring Post-High School education? (Associates Degrees / Bachelor Degrees / Etc)

    In another thread a member asked about a rumor they had heard that an associates degree would be required by his state to become an EMT, and/or a Paramedic. The original thread is here: That thread was closed because community members were unable to...
  18. Jon

    EMS Day on the Hill - March 2012 Anyone going to EMS Day on the Hill March 20-21st this year? If you are thinking about it - It's not too late to sign up! If you're not going - Why not?
  19. Jon

    Federal Job - Marshal's Service Paramedic?

    Saw this on USAJobs: Anyone know anything about this? Sounds like something completely different from normal EMS work. I'm probably not going to put in for it - It's just too far from everything I know. but it sounds like an interesting...
  20. Jon

    Recert by Exam

    So... I'm sadistic, apparently. I'm attempting to recert NREMT-P by exam. I take the test in 7 hours. Wish me luck!