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  1. Pond Life

    Pain Score and Analgesia

    Hi all, Interesting debate I'm having at present on a UK forum and wondered what you guys in the States would do in this scenario... Get called to a patient who when asked about pain score 0-10 replies its 20/10 as he/she is laughing on the cell phone to her friends about an incident that has...
  2. Pond Life

    Incentive to fitness

    Hi all, Been in the service 30 years. Started out with a waistline of 28 inches and now it's 38 inches. I used to be 84 kilos and now 100 kilos. Two naff knees and a dodgy back. Need to get rid of this weight as I am feeling tired all the time but just can't get motivated. Shifts are the main...
  3. Pond Life

    Terrorism and Insurance

    Hi all, We had another incident England the other day. sad to hear that two Americans died in this one on Westminster Bridge, my thoughts are with their family at this time. It did get me thinking though - about insurance on terrorist incidents. These two lovely people were celebrating their 25...
  4. Pond Life

    End of Life Care

    Hi all, I was just wondering how you guys in the States approach adjusting End of Life care drugs in the community. Do your policies allow you to alter common E-of-L care drugs for breakthrough pain and other common issues such as hallucinations, nausea, secretions and the like by increasing...
  5. Pond Life

    Nitro patches for strokes

    Hi all, We are doing a trial with nitro patches for stroke patients in parts of the UK. Blind study Any services doing the same Stateside?If so I would be interested to hear your setup and research protocols cheers Pond Life
  6. Pond Life

    Vacancy with RMI TITLE Paramedic (Afghanistan) FULL-TIME/PART-TIME Full-Time LOCATION Worldwide CLOSE DATE DESCRIPTION About Us: At Remote Medical International® (RMI), we offer premium...
  7. Pond Life

    Saudi Job Paramedic to work at King Khalid International Airport The successful candidates will have overall responsibility of paramedical services during the work shift in addition to the following...
  8. Pond Life

    Archaic Trauma Life Support

    ATLS: Archaic Trauma Life Support M. D. Wiles Consultant Neuroanaesthetist. Article first published online: 7 JUL 2015. DOI: 10.1111/anae.13166 Someone has at last written what many have been saying for years. ATLS approach is ok for a...