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  1. TransportJockey

    EMT-Uber morale patch preorder I’ve gotsome EMT-Uber morale patches up on Etsy for preorder. They’ll be PVC with male hook and loop on the back
  2. TransportJockey

    Disposable ETT cuff manometer

    Looking for a small disposable manometer to keep in my work bag. The AG Cuffil looks good but I can't find pricing info or a purchase point. I do enough tubes the last two years that I'm interested in finding one. Plus I know my service looks at it as an unneeded expense
  3. TransportJockey

    Centura Health Webinar Weekl

    Centura Health has free webinars coming up. 20 hours in 5 days (4 hours a day). I've done webinars with them before and they're usually pretty good. They count for live content CE hours and they're free. Check it out. You can sign up with the link below
  4. TransportJockey

    King Vision aBlade system? Has anyone used the King Vision aBlade system? Looks like it adds pediatric capabilities to the KV system. I'm curious about it.
  5. TransportJockey

    ECG Monitor Simulator

    So I'm looking at dofferent options to get a monitor simulator for teaching. iSimulate and ALSi are too expemsive at 9k or so for a single unit. DART is about $900 for a full setup but most of the reviews make me on the fence about it. Another option is buying an old LP12 or Zoll M or the like...
  6. TransportJockey

    NREMT Proctor

    I have given thought to proctoring some NREMT practicals to make some extra cash on the side. Around here they want a specific NREMT proctor course to do that. Does anyone know what they are talking about?
  7. TransportJockey

    Sked Basic Rescue System, $350

    I have a never used Sked Basic Rescue System that I came across that I don't need. It's an older one but it was never used. I'll get some pictures of it in the next few days. Buyer pays shipping or can pickup in the greater Houston metro...
  8. TransportJockey

    Like asking a patient their favorite color for IVs?

    Well you might wanna reconsider. I'm glad to see that punitive ALS is being investigated Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
  9. TransportJockey

    Online EMS degree w/ credit for cert

    Well I searched and couldn't find much. Does anyone have any good suggestions about an online EMS AAS that gives program credit for current EMT-P/NR-P cert? I know ENMU-R does, but I can't seem to find much else online. AMA in Florida seems to, but I'm waiting for an email back if they'll let...
  10. TransportJockey

    Books on higher level assessment

    I'm trying to find a book for higher level clinical assessment. Does anyone have any ideas?
  11. TransportJockey

    Lifeguard Ambulance, Florida

    Does anyone know anything about Lifeguard EMS in Santa Rosa county, FL? I know they run 911 as the primary transport agency, but wondering what kind of protocols, pay, how the system is, etc.
  12. TransportJockey

    16/32 schedule

    We are trying to put together a schedule to go aware from the 24/24/24/96 schedule we are on. This isn't a popular decision but our county Board of Health (who we fall under) issued us the mandate to go away from 24s. We have been looking at multiple options, and myself and a coworker have...
  13. TransportJockey

    Southeast Texas (Houston Metro) Jobs available

    Hey guys, the agency I work for is short 6 positions (EMT/EMT-I/Paramedic), and we are adding another truck in the next month (which means 8 more positions). We are a county third service under the county health district. Current schedule is 24/24/24/96, set days every week. After spring...
  14. TransportJockey

    Free Webinar/CE?

    Anyone know of any free Webinar/CE/Instructor led distance learning out there? I know Centura Health out of CO puts some out occasionally, but I'm looking for any more that anyone knows about. Just trying to do as much as DL so I can blueprint NREMT in two years and have more than enough to...
  15. TransportJockey

    Upcoming classes forum?

    I have no idea if this could work, but maybe a section for us to post upcoming classes that members find interesting? It doesn't seem the education section works for it, since it's geared for discussion... But maybe a subforum in education for upcoming classes? I know it brings up the forum...
  16. TransportJockey

    Restrictive EMS protocols increase likelihood of deviation Hmmm maybe this is why I don't do well in restrictive systems.
  17. TransportJockey

    Texas ENA position paper against EMS I posted a blog with a rebuttal, but the original letter by the president of the ENA is there too.
  18. TransportJockey

    WTB AAOS Orange book, mfr

    Looking for this book. Anyone got one for sale?
  19. TransportJockey

    2e Handbook of Pediatric and Neonatal Transport Medicine

    Anyone have a copy they're willing to sell or let me borrow? I am studying for the C-NPT and would like to study this book... but I can't find a copy used for less than 250+
  20. TransportJockey

    Pafford EMS

    So a friend of mine sent me an email about an out of state company called Pafford EMS that is coming into the the state to offer EMS service in a remote or frontier location. Does anyone know anything about this company? Email says it's a 911 position in the middle of nowhere NM, and sounds...