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    Senate Bill Aims to Streamline Paramedic Training for Veterans. Thoughts?
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    Linuss Smells...

    Hey there everyone! Long time, no see. :beerchug:
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    Does anyone have a TiVO? Do you like it? Would you recommend it?
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    The Man in the Wagon

    It's his birthday. Happy birthday, Linuss!
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    Zombie Survival Plan

    What's your zombie survival plan?
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    Prisoner Paramedics

    "The inmates in the prison's fire department are trained paramedics who were not convicted of violent or sexual offenses..." The short of it: The inmate staffed fire department pulled two people from the water, one of whom later died...
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    Do you tell your co-workers...

    about EMTLife?
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    ER's for the Elderly

    Full Article Does your area have one of these?
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    Paramedic Hit On Freeway is recovering

    News story: Click here Original post:
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    Quake in Japan, Tsunami Warnings in US They're evacuating parts of Hawaii already, and are predicting damage to the west coast of the US. I know we have a few people on the boards from Hawaii, so hopefully they're alright, and can give us an...
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    Why is there a link to Skywarn on the bottom of every page? Is EMTLife an affiliate of theirs?
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    I just ordered Insanity from BeachBody. I've previously done their P90, and P90X programs, and am hoping this thing is as good as it looks! Anyone else ever done Insanity? Or even P90/P90X?
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    I passed!!

    I passed my practical today!!! Hopefully they post my numbers soon. (passed my written a while back)
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    EMS Worker hit on freeway My thoughts go out to him for a speedy recovery.
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    Any skydivers?

    I'm going for my A-License soon, and was wondering if there are any other skydivers on the boards.
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    Detroit EMS
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    Community council.

    How's it coming along?
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    Town Hall Meeting

    Since some of the members (myself included) cannot make it to the "Town Hall Meeting" tomorrow night; would it be possible to have a transcript or a summary of what was discussed posted on the forums so those that couldn't make it can add some input?
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    Pain Control

    I was in a situation today where I had no means of pain control to help with a radius & ulna fracture. Nada. Nothing. So, what do you do in situations like this? Deep breathing? Focusing on something else? Reassurance?