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  1. medic417

    NJ LODD Ambulance crash

    My NJ friends I am sorry for your loss. "The crash occurred as the Stillwater ambulance was en route to a landing zone with a patient from a deadly house fire."
  2. medic417

    Breast implants, not guns to save your life

    OK not really but supposedly they did save one life. The choice to fly her seems extreme as the wounds were primarily through her fakeness. "A Canadian woman says her surgically enhanced...
  3. medic417

    Massive pileup shuts I-10 in Texas; 2 dead, 80+ injured BEAUMONT, Texas (AP) — Two people died and more than 80 people were hurt Thursday when at least 100 vehicles collided in Southeast Texas in a pileup that left trucks twisted on top of each other and authorities rushing...
  4. medic417

    Public works taking over Fire

    Finally someone gets it water works people doing fire fighting. Officials in the 1 ½-square-mile city of 8,200 residents said cross-trained DPW workers will stop doing their...
  5. medic417

    Police to take over fire. Fire fighting it using same reasons EMS uses against fire

    Hmmm need to focus on job. Can't do 2 jobs and expect to be good. Etc. Thought fire said that was BS when they take over EMS. Hope the police don't find fires statements to use against them to finish the take over. EMS claims fire just pads their budget by taking over EMS. Fire really seems...
  6. medic417

    How often do you transport patients to the ED that do not need that level of care?

    Been saying no to transport for years. I will not transport a patient that does not need it. I will not waste the patients or the tax payers dollars giving a person a taxi ride. I will educate them as to where they can go for the type of help they need. Just because they think it's an...
  7. medic417

    Appendectomy for Paramedics

    I have come to the conclusion that paramedics should have as standard practice the ability to perform appendectomy. This can be taught in just a matter of a few hours. It is a simple skill that does not require any real education behind it. What say you?
  8. medic417

    Don't steal the patient or they will pop a cap in your rear. "police have detained two paramedics suspected of fatally...
  9. medic417

    Odds you live 10-1, Place Your bets now. Betting Coming To An Ambulance Soon.

    So talk about the ultimate money maker. People would rather gamble than eat. "Lee anticipates that the first betting kiosks should be ready and installed by the end of the...
  10. medic417

    Punch a medic - it is not that expensive.
  11. medic417

    Does Your Service Provide Stethoscope In The Box?

    Title says it all.
  12. medic417

    Darn Thieving Drug Addict Fire Fighters
  13. medic417

    Not Guilty of inappropriately touching patient

    Wonder if he can get his certification and reputation back? "BRENTWOOD, N.H. — A jury found a former emergency medical technician not guilty on all charges that he inappropriately...
  14. medic417

    Alcohol, How Many Hours Before Work?

    So many on here post about getting drinks or even drunk made me wonder what is your company policy about it? 1.How many hours before going to work must you be alcohol free by your company policy? 2.In your opinion how many hours before going work do you think should be the policy on...
  15. medic417

    Grab a Paramedics Breast Get Sentenced to Home Arrest In A Mansion

    Seems like no punishment at all. "He must spend 30 days of his probation on home detention. In his case, home is a 6,091-square-foot, $1.2 million residence on 10.2 acres with its own lake about seven miles south...
  16. medic417

    Crossbows Don't Kill People, People Kill People

    Man commits suicide using crossbow. BBG you keep mentioning crossbows, are you still with us?:unsure:|topnews|text|Frontpage
  17. medic417

    VA Ambulance vs Cement Truck Medic and Patient Dead "The private ambulance and cement-mixing truck collided Friday afternoon."
  18. medic417

    Ambulance ambushed. Gunmen kill driver and patients. "Gunmen attacked an ambulance in this border city Wednesday, killing the driver, two patients and a fourth person in the vehicle, officials said."
  19. medic417

    vodka tampons, "butt chugging" Teens stupid tricks to get drunk "What we're hearing about is teenagers utilizing tampons, soak them in vodka first before using them," Thomas said. "It gets absorbed directly into the bloodstream. There's no barrier, there's no stomach acid to...
  20. medic417

    Train Wreck Fire HAZMAT Evacuation Downtown Amarillo TX So anyone see it? Any learning experience from this besides why the heck are we allowing such items to go through communities?