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  1. Akulahawk

    Coronavirus Discussion Thread

    One of the difficulties of this virus is that we're still learning about it and it's still very early on that we don't quite yet know everything about it. One thing to watch out for is that it appears that infected people are quite infectious during their prodromal period and are still shedding...
  2. Akulahawk

    Chat problem... [Resolved]

    The time stamp in the chat section doesn't follow the user's time preferences that the rest of the forum uses. It's 3 hours off. I wrote an entry at 1525 Pacific time and the chat shows that it was written at 1825. It appears to be "stuck" in the Eastern Time Zone... the rest of the forum (that...
  3. Akulahawk

    Robin Williams... RIP

    It's been just a little while since this news broke widely, but it appears that the man behind Mrs. Doubtfire, Patch Adams, Adrian Cronauer, and so many other memorable roles has passed away today. He's known to have had long-standing trouble with drugs, alcohol, and depression. There's much...
  4. Akulahawk

    Sacramento Area volunteer gig June 9th!!

    On or about June 9th this year, the CRPA (California Rifle and Pistol Association) is having it's 2nd Annual Family Fun shoot at the Sacramento Valley Shooting Center, near Sacramento, CA. They are looking for volunteers to staff a basic first aid station. When I say basic, I really mean they...
  5. Akulahawk

    Earthquake - Japan - 8.9 magnitude

    Just a few hours ago, as I write this thread, a massive earthquake struck off the coast of northern Japan. There are tsunami watches and warnings up all over the Pacific Ocean right now. Some significant tsunami waves have already devastated a lot of the coast of Japan, and video clips should be...