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  1. lampnyter

    Uncomfortable moment

    The other day i had a call and the pt had 1 arm. (Call was unrelated to having one arm) We started talking and he said how he always loved medicine and eventually asked me if he should take the EMT class. I really didnt know what to say. What do you think on the matter?
  2. lampnyter

    Somethings wrong here...

    When i took my MRT and EMT-B class i not once studied for a test. I never opened my book or took much notes and passed all my tests and practicals. I see all these people spending hours and hours studying and reading yet still failing tests. I didnt study for the NREMT test either and passed...
  3. lampnyter

    Teaching CPR

    Im a CPR instructor and i wanted to start teaching privately. Ive only taught for the company i work for and i was wondering what you guys think would be a fair price to charge for the classes.
  4. lampnyter

    As an EMT you think you...

    Would be used to death but its completely different when a family member dies. My grandfather just passed away in the hospital. He had CHF and both his lungs were filled with fluid. I dont mind if this thread gets closed but i just wanted to share since this is the first death in my family.
  5. lampnyter

    Help finding EMT-I class

    Are there any EMT-Is from CT that can tell me where they took their I-85/99 class? I tried googling it but i couldn't find anything. Thanks!
  6. lampnyter

    iPhone App now sends users nearby a cardiac arrest a notification

    What do you think about this|main5|dl14|sec1_lnk3|39135 The only way this would ever work and be helpful is if only actual first responders/health care professionals were...
  7. lampnyter

    CPR instructors

    Is anybody here an AHA CPR instructor? If so, i wanted your opinion on the best way to teach CPR to a school. Not the whole school at once obviously but several students at once. Also, it cant be too long, I dont think it should be over 1 hour if possible. Any suggestions?
  8. lampnyter

    First Code today

    Today was my first code. Being a basic i couldnt do much but it was still a crazy experience. We are dispatched to a fall and pt is unconscious. Called back telling us it was a code. Dispatch said that family started CPR. Turns out it was a 70 y/o female with terminal cancer. There is no DNR so...
  9. lampnyter


    Im currently an EMT-B and i am considering joining the army. My question is will ihave to take the Basic course all over again or can i skip it and go straight to the other courses.
  10. lampnyter

    EMTs starting IV

    Im pretty sure ive read something about this here but I honestly think EMT-B should be able to start a line but not give any medication to help the medic/nurse. I think if we took a short class just on starting a line we should be allowed to do it.
  11. lampnyter

    Florida scope of practice

    Can somebody please tell me the Scope of Practice for an EMT-B in Florida. I tried googling it but couldnt find anything. (I know that the scope differs for different counties)
  12. lampnyter

    Orlando EMS

    Does anybody know of any EMS services in Orlando that will let 16 and 17 year olds ride?
  13. lampnyter

    Arrogant people

    I really hate people that argue about things with me that they know nothing about. Here are just a few examples: 1. If a person is having a seizure, put something in their mouth or they will swallow their tongue. 2.(this was an odd one) I, as an EMT, cant use an AED because i have to be a...
  14. lampnyter

    Becoming a PA

    Ive been contimplating the idea of becoming a PA. The only problem is, i didnt do too good in high school. I didnt fail or anything but i also wasnt the top of my class. I havent gone to college yet but im only 18. Im an EMT and i was wondering if that will help me get into college. And after...
  15. lampnyter

    difference in wages

    Im thinking about going to medic school but im tight on money at the moment. I was wondering how much more a medic gets paid compared to an EMT. If it makes any difference i am currently in CT but will probably be moving within a few years. Thanks!
  16. lampnyter


    I am currently an EMT-B in CT and i was thinking about going to EMT-I/AEMT before doing paramedic. I plan on going paramedic in a few years but i wanted some info on the EMT-I course. How long is the course? I googled it and couldnt find anything. Also, is it just a pharmacology course or do...
  17. lampnyter

    EMTs in hospitals

    I was wondering about this. I plan on becoming a paramedic down the road and i wanted to know if i would be able to get hired to do work in a hospital. I dont know what kind of work they would have me doing but if anybody has seen or does this please give me some information. Thanks!
  18. lampnyter


    I just took my state written and i stopped at like 70 something. Im guessing it will take at least 3 days for everything to go through but where do i go to see if i passed?
  19. lampnyter

    EMT class passes

    Ive read other threads where people said that they had like a class of 50 and only 5 people passed. Well in my EMT class, we had 22 people and EVERYBODY passed the class. Is this bad?? This must mean we either had really good students or an extremely easy teacher.
  20. lampnyter

    broken arm/leg

    Is there a way to actually tell if somebody broke their arm or leg on the field? Does pulling traction help you decide if its broken or not?