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  1. FourLoko

    Why are you late?

    Evidently we were 30 min late for a pickup today (hospital discharge). Serious business in case you didn't know. I think it was the case manager that "grilled" us. I did a pretty good job of keeping my mouth shut. Felt like saying, "Sorry we just sit around with our thumbs up our you know...
  2. FourLoko

    Vinnie Jones teaches CPR

    Watch and learn:
  3. FourLoko

    OMG, no backboards!!!111
  4. FourLoko

    Ice/cold packs for fever

    Transported a 5 y/o with fever from the ER the other night. Nurse said highest was 105 F. In moving blankets found a cold pack under each leg and then one under his neck. My "partner" admonished me for removing the one behind his neck after loading him on the gurney. Didn't recall much...
  5. FourLoko

    Dem boots v. 2011

    The old "boot thread" is old so I didn't bump it. Seems there were a number of fans of the 5.11 Tactical ATAC boot - Good stuff for $99 and they're still around. While $99 is a pretty good bargain in the world of boots (silly number of brand out...
  6. FourLoko

    You have a C-Collar?

    Not really BLS topic worthy so I'm leaving it here. Was sent to one of our less privileged hospitals recently and while waiting for our nurse to finish the paperwork on our patient a fellow rig lent out two C-Collars to patients in the ER at the request of the nurses. One patient was there...