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    Respiratory Calls

    Post away with your most difficult/dynamic respiratory call. What went right, what went wrong, how they presented, how they responded to treatment, what do you felt you could have used that you don't have in your scope.
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    Who's in control of the posting on it? Cause I feel like they're just a creeper reposting pictures of females and maybe a few rigs here and there...
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    Handtevy question

    Really a two part questions. Does handtevy method for peds dosing have an et tube size component. Also what method do people use for sizing other than the browslow tape. I've heard of the age/4 + 4, but wondering what else is out there.
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    Gupta thumping people I think the real issue is how many times he checked the pulse before doing anything. Minimum 5 seconds, max of 10 bro. Duh.
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    Lynch as a Paramedic

    Anyone work as a medic at Lynch Ambulance in Anaheim? Or as an EMT with a medic partner? Looking for some info.
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    Los Angeles County Paramedic Positions

    Recent medic school grad and looking to find a job. Been putting in apps with every licensed company on the DHS website, but just curious if I could get any input from people working in companies as a medic. Equipment, adherence to protocol, work environment, pay, etc. For any Los...
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    Licensing question

    Couldn't find anything on the search, so asking here. Just about to finish up my medic program and was just curious as to whether the medic cert supersedes the EMT cert. I.E. when I get my state and national cert can i work as an EMT if I let my EMT expire? Or do you have to keep both current?
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    So I'm in my last month of didactic of school and was just curious of a few cardiac things. In class we were shown four serial 12-leads of an AMI that received pur full repetoire our EMS cardiac drugs; three NTG, MS, and ASA. The second 12-lead showed decreased ST elevation, and by the forth...