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    Charleston County EMS Hiring Medics, Closing 12/18 Position: PARAMEDIC Grade: TSFL/08 Position #: EMPPOO48 Department: EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES Salary Range: HIRING HOURLY RATE $15.85 - $16.82 Minimum requirements: Minimum Education - a HS diploma Minimum...
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    Gracie Jiu-Jitsu in Herndon VA

    I've been rolling at Pedro Sauer's Gracie Jiu-Jitsu academy at 360 Herndon Parkway in Herndon VA. The building is in the same row as the HQ for Physicians Transport Service, a local IFT company. It's self defense oriented for the lower belt levels as opposed to a sport Jiu-Jitsu focus, and...
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    DC FEMS using Privates for low-acuity calls
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    Billing Rates Across the U.S.

    Does anyone here with any knowledge of reimbursement rates of both private insurance and Medicare/Medicaid, know if these rates are the same from region to region, or if the rates change based on regional cost of living? I'm trying to figure out how some employers can pay EMS well (NY/NY/DE)...
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    No rest for weary medics prompts change, some ‘gripes’ at Charleston County EMS Anyone who has read my posts about Charleston County EMS can see that I found their 24/48 (no Kellys) schedule tiring, especially with...
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    Some EMS workers suing Charleston County over alleged unpaid overtime and other labor violations "A group of 26 current and former Charleston County EMS employees has sued the county, claiming it violated federal and state labor laws, including requiring them to work unpaid overtime. Attorneys Michael Jordan, from the...
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    Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Hiring EMT-B's

    Fairfax County VA is opening the application process for FF/EMT-B form Cot. 25th to Oct 31st only. The application system is here: To submit a "job interest" card to be notified when the process officially opens up...
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    Staten Island man dies after being taken down by police

    According to the videos, a Staten Island man died following an arrest by the NYPD. You can hear him repeatedly saying that he can't breathe. On the second video below, EMS arrives @3:45 in. What do you think about the patient care that followed?
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    Alexandria Fire & EMS hiring Medic II (non fire)

    Job Title: MEDIC II Closing Date/Time: Thu. 05/15/14 5:00 PM Eastern Time Salary: $49,054.31 - $84,945.65 Annually Job Type: Full-Time Location: Alexandria, Virginia Department: Fire and EMS Job Number: 2014-00089 FLSA: Non-exempt position...
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    Upstroke Ventilation - JEMS Article To summarize, ventilations during CPR, every tenth compression during recoil. Thoughts?
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    Fairfax County FRD is hiring a NP or PA for EMS Training Division

    The Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department (Virginia)is hiring a NP or PA for a position in the EMS Training Division. The application deadline is 2/7/2014. Benefits:
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    2013 Virginia EMS Symposium

    Is anyone on the forum going to the 2013 Virginia EMS Symposium? I see DT4EMS and TomB are instructing. I've signed up for two of TomB's lectures: CAR-507 STEMI Equivalents and STEMI Mimics, and CAR-514 Hilton Head Island - Stengthening a Community's Chain-of-Survival. I'm attending on Nov...
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    PEEP and Atelactasis (video)

    "The effect of increasing positive end-expiratory pressure on an atelectatic lung" This video is safe for work
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    Fairfax County Fire & Rescue Hiring Basics

    The Fairfax County Fire & Rescue Department is opening the application process to non-medics until March 15th. This doesn't happen often - the process is usually closed for most of the year, sometimes longer.
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    Recruits: Paramedics Series 1 on youtube I don't know if this has been discussed on the boards, but I happened upon this series on youtube just now. It's a series on Australian Paramedics. I've just watched the first few minutes, and it looks pretty good.
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    Stand alone EMS vs combo departments for career development

    I'll probably start some beef with this, but I feel that EMS is better off being merged with either police or fire. Why? The career development benefits alone blow away what's available with single role EMS. For example, in my dept, there are many positions for officers with ALS certs. That...
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    Quick Trache II and KingVISION

    We're getting the Quick Trach II and the KingVISION. Anyone have any experience with these, or have any opinions in regards?
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    Alexandria /fire and EMS Single role Paramedic

    The process for the Alexandria Fire and EMS single role Paramedic closes Nov. 30, 2012. Get on it if you're interested!
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    Gang Vows Death Revenge Against Maimonides Ambulance Employees

    Brooklyn NY: As per the article, an ambulance from FDNY 911 Participating Member Maimonides Hospital struck and killed a motorcyclist on 5/26. If the sources are credible, the motorcyclist was a gang member, and the gang has vowed to kill EMS employees for that hospital. This wasn't from the...
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    Gettysburg area EMS Employment

    Anyone have any information on Paramedic employment in or around the Gettysburg, PA area? I've had several hospitals mentioned to me - Gettysburg, Hanover, and Holy Spirit. Any info on pay scales? I'm going to be exploring that region for a possible move in 1-2 years. The work would be per...