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    Medical Plane Down Outside of Chicago

    I hate the blood ran cold for a minute feeling I got when I saw this because I believe one of our crew is out on a mission but it turned out not to be ours. Condolences to all involved...
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    Pullover Workshirt or Fleece?

    OK....this isn't specifically EMS related, but has anyone come across a pullover fleece shirt or firefighter workshirt style garment that isn't polyester blend? I need to get something for winter time investigations under the auspices of my company but everything I have found is cotton/poly...
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    4 Dead in Medical Helicopter Crash Crew based out of St. Joseph, MO. Thoughts and prayers to the friends, family and coworkers of those lost.
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    USAFMEDIC45's Rules of Medical Care and EMS

    I mentioned compiling a list of my "rules" (as previously posted on here) in another thread in passing and had several people PM me asking me to actually do it you go: USAFMEDIC45's Rule of Displaying Professional Pride: "The fewer people who know what you do for a living, the...
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    North Dakota EMS Association Conference

    Anyone else attending the North Dakota EMS Association conference this weekend in Bismarck?
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    A private discussion between another member and myself about one of my hobbies- history- made me decide to post this thread. Sadly, I missed out on the chance to ask my grandfather about his service in the US Navy during WWII and now those stories are lost forever. It is something I deeply...
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    SMEMSIC Conference- Traverse City (3/3/2011 to 3/6/2011)

    Anyone going to be in the Traverse City area this weekend? I'm going to be up there for the conference and have absolutely nothing to do on Saturday so if anyone wants to hang out or visit wineries or something, let me know.
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    EMS at Resorts

    Does anyone know of any resorts or tour companies that hire EMS personnel? If so, please PM me.
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    Conference Ridesharing?

    What would everything think of starting a thread (or threads) to help folks going to the various conferences find other members who are going as well? Given how much the price of gas has shot up, an "EMTLife carpool" might be a great idea to help encourage people to look for conferences to go...
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    Anyone here from McCall, ID

    Sorry for the off-topic post.... I'm going to be visiting a veteran of the WWII medical unit that our living history group portrays on the way out to the West Coast for a conference later this year. I've never been to McCall before and I would like to know if anyone has any suggestions as to...
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    Martin Luther King Day

    OK....what follows (something I wrote as an e-mail to some discussion lists I belong to) is going to sound a little weird as a post from a dyed in the wool misanthrope such as myself, but you have to remember, a thick skin and bitter attitude doesn't mean I'm not trying to be a better person...
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    Chicago Area EMS

    If there are any Chicago area EMS providers on the list and who might be willing to help me assist a friend who is looking for work, please send me a PM. Thank you in advance.
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    National Collegiate EMS Foundation Conference Anyone planning on attending? Since I am going to be in town as a speaker, I was thinking it might be worth trying to organize a lunch or dinner for those of us from the forum who are attending. My fiancee and I are planning a trip to the Muetter Museum...
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    Retiring from the Forums

    Everyone, Due to personal matters and other related demands on my time, I am announcing my retirement from the forums effective immediately. Thank you to all the friends I have made here and best of luck to all who come to this forum for advice and guidance.
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    Who does this sound like?,17500/ Existentialist Firefighter Delays 3 Deaths SCHAUMBURG, IL—In an ultimately futile act some have described as courageous and others have called a mere postponing of the inevitable, existentialist firefighter...
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    Things not to say during a grad school interview/campus visit

    This is a bit above the level of most discussion on here, but I thought some of you might be able to enjoy the humor of this. I have been visiting various public health grad schools to check them out and, if it wasn't blatantly obvious, I happen to have a significant difference of opinion from...
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    Michigan EMS Expo

    Anyone else planning on attending? I know we have a huge chunk of our membership from up there and because I still have a lot of friends from when I lived up there I will be attending at least for one day.
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    Another Medical Helicopter Crash

    SOURCE: Let's hope the crew survives. They will be in my prayers tonight.
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    New Ultrasound Pics!

    So as not to further take up space on TTLWHKR's thread about the impending arrival of "JRWHKR" :lol: I started a new thread to share these. Ladies, Gentleman, I present to you, Lydia Ellis R------:
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    Thrombolytics in prehospital resuscitation

    Eur J Clin Invest. 2005 May;35(5):315-23. International multicentre trial protocol to assess the efficacy and safety of tenecteplase during cardiopulmonary resuscitation in patients with out-of-hospital cardiac arrest: the Thrombolysis in Cardiac Arrest (TROICA) Study. Spohr F, Arntz HR, Bluhmki...