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    I failed again for the 3rd time NREMT-P, please help!!

    NREMT Refresher . Another idea is to see if anyone near you has a refresher. Loyola Hospital outside Chicago has one & I've heard that it has helped with some others that had been having a difficult time with the exam process .
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    I failed again for the 3rd time NREMT-P, please help!!

    Passing the NR EMT All I know is that this was the first time I took their test and I made sure I slept well the night prior to taking the written. But I've also been a medic since 1984 so I don't know what advice I can give in regards to doing anything different to pass the written. There were...
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    Massachusetts Written Exam

    Massachusetts written exam . I last took it in April 2008 for Paramedic & they were using a computer based written through a private testing company called PSI exams out in Las Vegas. I went to West Springfield, took it & passed within an hour if that & they photographed me & gave me the...
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    Post the # your test stopped at, and if you Passed/Failed

    NREMTP written time. I took it on Tuesday & it stopped at 41 minutes. I received confirmation on the NR site that I passed it but it doesn't list any score, is that their norm ? I'm still happy that I passed but I am just curious as to how I did score wise.:cool:
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    What does your agency ride in...

    Freightliner/Sprinter from Medix Ambulance Builders. Does anyone have one of the Sprinter's made by Medix Ambulance builders in Elkhart,Indiana with the modular box (Metro Express MN 86) on that chassis yet ? Any comments ( + or - ) appreciated ...
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    Massachusetts EMT Jobs

    Mass. EMS Congrats ! You live in the land of pre-hospital opportunity! There are so many privates there, you can almost throw a stone in any direction and hit one. I know Cataldo is good, so is Fallon on the South Shore (Quincy). There's Lifeline all along the western perimeter of the Metro...
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    Is a poor driving record an EMS career death sentence?

    Too many tickets ? Naw, if you lived here in the Chicago area you could just apply at Midwest Ambulance in Skokie. They'll hire anything with a heart beat, they've had EMT's flip a rig over and kept them on the pay-roll !:wacko:
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    A.M.T. Advanced Medical Transport Peoria

    Anyone know/ have any positive experience working in Peoria,Illinois for A.M.T. ? What is their hourly rate of pay for an experienced Paramedic (>25 yrs)..
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    New Private Ambulance Service in the Chicago area.

    I know who you mean, and it's amazing that Murphy makes Millions of $ but can't pay his staff a livable wage .
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    New Private Ambulance Service in the Chicago area.

    Midwest Ambulance If any of you have worked, or know anyone that's worked at Advance, well Midwest is Advance in sheeps clothing. Lifepack 12's that frequently do not print out (so much for their 12 leads), they take responses for real life threats with more than 20 minute ETA's & get P.O.'d...
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    Chicagoland Private Ambulances

    To all of you seeking employment in Chicago with a Private service - BE CAREFUL ! Seek & choose carefully - especially one new service in the North suburbs. Think about questions such as - 'are we allowed to rest at all while parked in a lot overnight'? Money $$ hourly - Look at their...
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    Which should EMS be merged with

    EMS should be a separate agency. Too many conflicts in the firehouse, not enough understanding of the job from the P.D. side.
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    Medical Supply Store in Montreal

    McGill would be close enough to CSL.
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    Ems around the globe

    EMS & Quebec. Quebec province Canada still has Technicien Ambulanciers. They only use an airway device called a 'Combitube' an A.E.D. & administer 4 symptom relief meds. 3 by mouth,1 by aerosol. In 2001 there were 17 techniciens that went through an advanced Paramedic course (SPA = Soins...
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    Les SMU Belgique, Salut Niels!! Bienvenue a' la site web ici. Ca m'interesse? Vous connais une pompier/paramedic de Namur par le nom Laurent Lombard? Il est un ami de moi. En tout cas, merci pour les photos du ambulances Belgique. plus tard. Kevin
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    Oh no...thats not the PA Mic

    Wrong Microphone. Chicago FD had issues with things like this. All they had to do was obtain the telephone handsets like I've seen FDNY use & the problem of picking up the wrong micro is solved.
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    moving to IL

    Moving to Illinois. Check the Peoria EMS web-site PAEMS .. That site is pretty well informative & up-dated often with info about their system. Macomb is close to Peoria. Illinois isn't like other states. We do not have statewide protocols, statewide acceptance once you've obtained a state...
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    Just got back from my first NICU transfer pickup and

    NICU Transports in Chicago. I worked at MedEx for a while & they did transports out of Children's Memorial. The teams there were nasty to the medics, rude, & didn't care for them. On the other hand we did the NICU's out of U of I & their teams were great all the time. Never understood why...
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    Yeah, I'm the new guy

    New guy from Illinois Irish from Illinois. Do like I'm going to do, get licensed in Mass. move to Boston. One heck of a town if you're Irish..
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    Canada, eh?

    Ontario EMS Things must have changed. That is what Cathey Francis from the MOH told me when I was looking to test into work at Thames EMS