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  1. sdadam

    ALS Quiz

    Ok so in the spirit of the BLS cardiac quiz that was posted I thought I would put up a few questions of my own. I am currently in medic school and I have to say I have been very disappointed in how in depth we have been getting in to subjects. The A&P that we seem expected to know is...
  2. sdadam

    Immediate NREMT feedback

    Ok, so this is just a theory, but I think that it stands true. The NREMT, and NREMTP are both computer based tests these days. The number of questions varies depending on how well you are doing overall, answer all the questions right and the test is short, answer a certain question wrong and...
  3. sdadam

    renal pt

    so I had a pt this last shift that I still can't quite figure out, let me know what you all think: moderate status medical call, 49yo Male PT weighing aprox. 120kg. c/c: anuria x3 days Initial impression; late-middle aged man sitting in a chair, supporting some weight with his upper...
  4. sdadam

    ALS Protocol Question

    So, in SD county the protocol for altered neuro function in a suspected CVA pt is to only give them O2 if the Sat is <92%. it's not in the BLS protocol, only ALS. so my questions are these: does anyone elses county share a similar protocal for a poss. cva. and does anyone know the...
  5. sdadam

    code on the freeway (sd)

    Driving code on the freeway in San Diego. so I have a quick question about the laws of driving code. I've been told that you aren't alowed to drive code on the freeway unless trafic is < 15mph, then you can use the shoulder and run code 3. I read the vehical code though, on the CA DMV...
  6. sdadam

    sweet shift tonight

    hey guys, so I'm working the UFC fight tonight. It's at marine corps air station mirimar in SD. I'm really stoked it's going to be awesome watching a ufc fight ringside. Just thought I would brag a bit, it's on spike TV so if anyone watches maybe they will see me! ;-)
  7. sdadam

    AMR San Diego

    Anyone here work for AMR San Diego, and if so have any thoughts about the current "situatoin"? just wondering.
  8. sdadam

    Passed the NR

    I just had my results posted online that I passed my national registry! so that's it I'm no longer a student I'm officialy an EMT. now I just need a job :-/
  9. sdadam

    Practice NREMT tests

    Hey Guys, I'm taking my NREMT in just about a week in San Diego, I'm not too worried about it, I've studied alot and feel pretty comfortable. But I was wondering you anyone knew where there were practice tests online, I've heard a bit about them but I can't seem to find one. I bought one...