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  1. adamjh3

    Ambulance crash in San Diego I just left this company. Considering how they're run, their standards for hiring, and their discipline procedures that are... Lax when it comes to anything other than attendance, I'm not surprised at all.
  2. adamjh3

    Anyone work for AMR in Clark County, NV?

    I have an opportunity through my school to work out there as an -I while doing my medic internship. I have a few service specific questions that one may not feel comfortable responding to on an open forum. If you work out there and you wouldn't mind me picking your brain through a Q&A let me...
  3. adamjh3

    Let's talk electricity

    I have a question that I haven't been able to find an answer to. Why is pulseless VT not synchronize cardioverted at a high energy setting and rather just defibrilated? To me it would make more sense to synchronize your shock with any VT so that the electricity is delivered at a point where...
  4. adamjh3

    Anyone else having trouble with tapatalk?

    Just checking to see if it's my phone or the website.
  5. adamjh3

    Anyone using Steri-Strips out of hospital?

    Just like the title says. I'm gearing this question more towards those of you who work in systems with more emphasis on treat and release. What are some advantages? Disadvantages?
  6. adamjh3

    Stroke? Or what?

    BLS unit dispatched to a vascular access center at 1412 info en route states you have an 81 yo M hypoglycemic. No further info available. You arrive on scene at 1432 to find an 81 yo M sitting upright in a wheelchair, unresponsive but breathing. Story from the nurses and correlating paperwork...
  7. adamjh3

    Is this compartment syndrome?

    Gonna be quick with this one; 70 YO female fell down when getting out of bed, witnessed, no LOC yadda yadda. She broke her fall with her left forearm on a nice shag rug. End result was what looked like a giant hematoma that engulfed her forearm from wrist to elbow, all the way around, with a...
  8. adamjh3

    BLS Supplies for ground pounders

    I recently landed a job with a company that runs stand by for a variety of youth sporting events, camps, and other recreational activities. With this company the employee works as an independent contractor and as such is expected to have their own supplies. The company does have a small amount...
  9. adamjh3

    27yo F. Abd. pain

    Alright, this one's going off memory, and it kind of had me baffled. I'll wait to unveil what my impression was until I get a couple replies. It's 1700 on an overcast Monday afternoon and you're nearing the end of your shift on a BLS truck staffed with two EMTs. You're sent from your post at...
  10. adamjh3

    Live explosive ordinance - what do you do?

    Karla Flores, 32, was selling seafood on the street in Culiacán, Sinaloa when she heard a bang and something hit her, knocking her down, the Daily Mail reported. Linky-poo to article Obviously the NREMT answer is GTFO and call the bomb squad. What would you personally do if you found a...
  11. adamjh3

    Reading textbooks before classes start

    Do you (personally) take notes? If you do, do you reference them throughout the course? If you don't, do you still feel as though you have a decent understanding of what's going on when you get to class? With medicine I'm having trouble retaining information from classes for the first time...
  12. adamjh3

    RFI: Texas EMS

    To start it off, I'm 20 and in San Diego right now. I'm planning on leaving California after I finish medic school (a ways away from now, I don't start until January). Anywho, I'm looking at moving to Texas (not dead set on it, maybe somewhere else in the south). Problem is, Texas is a big...
  13. adamjh3

    Dr. James Ross Human Anatomy and Physiology Course.

    Anyone heard of this? It looks like it might have some good info for me to brush up on my A&P before I get into medic school again, but then it seems like the website is kind of... gimmicky, like it's trying to push something worthless. I read a couple favorable reviews, but it's...
  14. adamjh3

    n00b question: Splinting

    Ran a call yesterday, 54 y/o female, chief was leg pain after she was struck by a truck going 5-10 MP/H while in her wheel chair. I'm not going to go too far into the assessment other than the leg, unless necessary. She complained of pain @ 7/10 in her left leg going from her ankle to just...
  15. adamjh3

    Seizure fakers competition

  16. adamjh3

    List of personal supplies for MCIs

    Those of you in SoCal remember the couple large fires we've had in the last decade or so. Now that I'm working BLS IFT here in San Diego there's a pretty good chance that during the next large event like this, my crews and I will be participating in large scale evacuations of hospitals, SNFs...
  17. adamjh3

    Negative calorie diet, experiences, myths, facts?

    Does anyone have any experience with a "negative calorie" (foods that supposedly take more calories to digest than they can provide) diet? A nurse at a facility we frequent recently went from 315lbs to 178lbs by starting with 21 days of a "negative calorie" diet followed by a five month...
  18. adamjh3

    Being an FTO, tips, tricks, advice?

    I've recently been made an FTO and Crew Chief at my station. The Crew Chief part I've got down pat, I was a department head at my previous job, and a lot of what I did there is going hand in hand with what I'm doing to keep the station supplied and running and the crews in line. As far...
  19. adamjh3

    Did we screw this up? 14yo, ETOH

    Called to an adolescent psych screening facility last night, AOS at approx 2030 to find a 14yo F, 5'4 approx 140lbs laying in bed responsive only to pain. There's a small puddle of vomit on the floor next to the bed. Info from the Nurse states she was BIB CVPD on a 5585 hold (72hr psych eval...
  20. adamjh3

    I didn't get in to EMS for the fights...

    Going through EMT school, I knew a large majority of my job would involve dialysis transfers, hospital discharges, and various other non-emergent situations (strange for someone with Emergency as part of their title). When I got hired on at my current company I quickly found out that we just...