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    UNIMED Quick Access Pak (Q.A. Pak)

    Has anyone had any experience using this particular airway/oxygen/trauma pack. If so, what have your experiences been with it? I currently work for an event medical company, and we’re looking to consolidate all of our bags into an all in one platform...
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    Relocating to San Diego

    As the title states, I will be relocating to San Diego as I have been offered a job with Rural/Metro San Diego working out of their San Diego operations. My orientation starts on the 24th and I have two weeks to relocate. I am wondering if there are certain areas of San Diego that are better to...
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    Bayshore Ambulance (Foster City, CA)

    I've used the search function but haven't been able to find much information on Bayshore Ambulance located in Foster City, CA. Can anyone tell me what it is like working there. I have been contacted for an interview and their website only tells me so much. Thanks everyone! -Bruce
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    Rural/Metro California

    How long did it take for those who applied for Rural/Metro openings in California to hear back? I've put my application in and am just curious as to the timetable. -Bruce
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    Medic Ambulance Service Vallejo, Ca.

    Does anyone have experience working with Medic Ambulance Service in Vallejo, Ca? I am considering applying for employment with this company in the next 6 months and have some questions before I do. 1.) What is the starting pay for EMT? 2.) Are there usually extra shifts available? 3.)...
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    How to gain experience...

    How is someone to gain experience in this industry if they aren't hired on in the first place. I had an interview with ProTransport-1 last week and they got back to me today saying that I wasn't a close enough match for the position. While I am well aware that EMT's are a dime a dozen in Ca...
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    New Here!

    Hello everyone! A little about myself. I'm 27 years of age and have been certified as an EMT since 2002. I'm currently pursuing a bachelors degree in anthropology and will be serving as site EMT for one of my college field practicums this semester. Although I'm currently pursuing my bachelors...