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  1. SigSauerNY

    Took My Exam Today

    Took the NREMT Exam in the Bronx today, stopped me at 70 questions, most seemed obvious or had obvious choice options. I had a couple questions threw me off, such as concerns with helicopter patient transport, or a child who ingested kerosene and had burn marks around his mouth. Seems like a...
  2. SigSauerNY

    NREMT Online vs In Person Pearson Vue Testing

    I finished my psychomotor exams and had initially scheduled my exam for online and had a few people warn me of getting cut for "cheating" (movement, noise, eyes going off screen). I was wondering what everyones general opinions / feedback is on online testing, don't want to cough, or look off...
  3. SigSauerNY

    EMT / EMS Student Ride Along / Observer in NYC / Bronx

    Hi Heading towards my first ride along / observer 911 shift, was wondering if anyone had any tips or experience they can share, especially if you have experience within the Bronx. thanks.