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  1. Cory

    University of Cincinnati EMT-P Course

    Hey, I know these are probably considered annoying, but can anyone review these courses from UC and tell me if they strike you as good or bad? As well, if yu have personal experience, I'd love to hear it. And finally, if you know of better opportunites in the area, I'd REALLY love to hear...
  2. Cory

    Your Best Advice

    I'm a young person who is planning on going into emergency medicine. I"ll be going to college at UC (University of Cincinnati) soon, which has phenominal nursing and medical schools. They have a pretty solid EMS associates course as well. So, what I ask of you is this: as a young person...
  3. Cory

    Trying to Grasp Something

    So, as the title implies, I just can't seem to wrap my head around something. On this forum, I've seen many who claim that Fire Departments are taking EMS by storm. This seems odd to me, because in my area, 911-EMS is only run by FD's. And anyway, I know for a fact many FD employed EMT's and...
  4. Cory


    Just wondering, is anyone here a guitarist? The few friends and relatives I have who are EMS workers are all guitar enthusisits, so I figured maybe it's pretty common. If so, what guitar do you play? (maybe even post a picture) I play an el cheapo Squire Strat with a few modifications. I...
  5. Cory

    First Responder Confusion

    I am a little confused as to what exactly the Certified First Responder certification entails. Forst of all, is this a national government-supported certification, like EMT, or is it hosted by ARC only, or both? Is it recognized as a healthcare professional certification, or a lay certification...
  6. Cory

    EMS While PreMed

    Does/has anyone here taken pre-med courses while working in EMS? If so, is it as overwhelming as it sounds? Was it campus EMS, or an actual FD/EMS company? Would you recommend it? I think this could be a great opportunity for me, IF I can handle it. Yes, I realize this is similar to other...
  7. Cory

    College and Paramedic Courses

    How hard/overwhelming would it be to try and take a paramedic course while going through general courses (the basic three or four year program) at a university?
  8. Cory

    Hospital Based EMS Questions

    So, I know about private EMS, I know about FD and and other public safety EMS, but how does most hospital based EMS work? Are they mainly for 911? If so, then why don't you ever see a hospital based ambulance on scene(speaking from MY perspective) other than flight medics. So, I realize there...
  9. Cory

    "Learning For Life" Programs

    So, seeing as I'm 15, I have to find newbie ways to get involved with EMS at all. (other than CERT which I am going to look into eventually) SO, is anyone here familiar with the Learning For Life Explorer Programs (I think they are loosely associated with the Boy Scouts?) If so, you might...
  10. Cory

    EMT-B to EMT-P... A Bad Idea?

    So, I have been reading a lot about getting hired as an EMT, and I know that areas around me have either stopped hring or are making their requirements impossibly high for the majority of people. Now, yes, I am still far away from even an EMT-B course, but I was just wondering (because as...
  11. Cory

    [Didn't Expect to Come Back, but...] First Save

    So, I didn't expect to return to this forum, but after my latest experience I have learned some things, and I wanted to come back because I want to have this forum as a resource. So I want to apologize to every member of this forum now for what has happened in the past, and hopefully you can...
  12. Cory

    Question about Certification and Hiring

    Does your company/department require you to have an NREMT certification from the same state you work in? And if so, would you have to re-take a class in that state even if you are already certified in another state, or is their some process of getting certified to work in that state in a much...
  13. Cory

    Questions about Campus EMS

    I have looked into this a little, and all of the colleges I have thought about maybe going to have campus EMS. So I noticed there are some on here (social group) and I was wondering what those of you thought about it. Just in general. Some jobs suck, some jobs don't, does this job suck. And of...
  14. Cory

    Okay, I already Know The Answer...but

    Do all FD EMS require a minimum of Firefighter 1 certification? Or are there ones out there that don't? (prays) I don't mean to be so vague, my point is, do YOU know of one?
  15. Cory

    IS it True About Private Companies?

    I recently had a conversation with my cousin who is an EMT-I for a local FD. I happened to tell him that I still had an interest in EMS, but I wasn't really interested in fire fighting. He told me that (of course) there are private EMS companies. But he also told me that in this part of the...
  16. Cory

    Question about Burns and EMS

    Do most EMS services have to take a burn victim to a burn center, or can they be transported to a hospital that doesn't have a burn center? And also, in your area is there a mobile burn unit that responds to medical emergences? I could be totaly wrong, but I think I remember hearing that in...
  17. Cory

    What type of Siren Do You Use?

    This might have been done before, but I searched and couldn't find anything. What type of siren does your rig have? I think PA300 is quite common in EMS vehicles. Anyway, my other question is, which tone do you think clears traffic best?
  18. Cory

    Total Noob Thread: Terms and Abbreviations

    Okay, I'm going to swallow my pride and be a total noob by starting this thread. My reason for doing so, I'm tired of trying to guess what the abbreviations used commonly here are. I'm not in EMS in any way, although I do know some medical terms and abbreviation (ie. CPR, ECG, AED, those kinda...
  19. Cory

    Very Ignorant People

    Just read the majority of the comments at the bottom of this video. Infuriating. This one imparticular: Sorry if no one cares, I just thought it was interesting how everyone is turning against the medics. -Cory-
  20. Cory

    Really Quick Question

    Is 3,723 calls in a year considered very active? And do you think logically that a city (suburban) with predominately very rich citizens would have higher pay rates for EMS than a large city (like huge suburban) with predominately dirt poor citiznes? And I would shoot myslef if a I was an...