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  1. VFFforpeople

    Trauma code

    So went to a call for a PT how crashed his motorcycle. Had Left vent collapse and damage to his pelvis. (found out from Dr. also ran search didnt see this). As a medic how would you handle this? CPR was not really effective, got a pulse back, and HR went to 40 at one point. He was down 11min up...
  2. VFFforpeople


    What type of pants is everyone wearing? ****ies, 5:11? Do you even wear EMS pants? and what is a good manual Bp kit? I have looked through posts and saw for scopes. but nothing about pants or Cuff kits (other than auto).
  3. VFFforpeople

    Ambulance cert. info please!

    I am working on getting my Ambulance cert. in CA. I picked up the CHP book, I was wondering if there was any additional information I would need for this exam/cert.?