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  1. Virgil

    Pennsylvania EMS

    There's a possibility I might be moving to PA, but I know almost nothing about their EMS system. Was curious what any PA people thought about their companies and the system as a whole. I'll be locating to the Philadelphia area, but I'm really open to anything that seems like a good opportunity.
  2. Virgil

    Transferring to CARE/McCormick

    Is someone who works/worked at Care/McCormick willing to let me ask them a few questions about their day to day, etc? Coming from AMR Riverside, it’s a good operation with good pay( best in the region for my EMT exp level), I just am really tired of dealing with crappy management and equal...
  3. Virgil

    Regarding EMT-B schooling and it’s relation to real world medicine

    I’ve been thinking about this ever since I got hired, and I want to ask what you all think. During EMT school I learned things , and didn’t learn things, that were vastly different than what I encountered while on shift. I had to practically relearn and unlearn information during FTO. With...
  4. Virgil

    Death of Elijah McClain

    Hello everyone, I had a question and wanted to bring this to everyone’s attention, for those who haven’t followed. Here is a snippet from the Wikipedia article that you can find here. “The three police officers who were involved in the incident, said that their body cameras were knocked off...
  5. Virgil

    Wildland EMT/Crew EMT

    Hey guys, so I’ve started working on a Wildland Type II crew and there are a few EMT’s here but I am the only one currently working and using my skills. I really enjoy learning about austere medicine and prolonged field care. How do I prepare best to serve as a crew EMT on a fire? Is getting a...
  6. Virgil

    Ambulance Drivers Certificate(SoCal)

    Hey guys, just a quick question. I'm taking the Ambo Drivers cert test at the DMV tomorrow; will that temporary certificate they issue me be okay to use during an interview? Specifically with AMR, I need a copy of all my certs and just want to make sure they will accept that temporary one. If...
  7. Virgil

    DUI Driver hits 9 people in Fullerton CA, how does a bystander respond?

    This just happened 3-4 days ago. Right in the middle of Downtown Fullerton(A hotspot for bars, and in front of my personal favorite) a driver ran over 9 pedestrians after finally ending against a tree. Multiple people were pinned underneath the truck as well...
  8. Virgil

    Working while in Medic School

    I've been thinking about this for a while, in the midst of my future plans and things. Is this viable? Has anyone worked while going through their school? If so, part-time/full-time? As beneficial as it would be, I don't know how practical saving up money to survive on for 8-12 months(Plus...
  9. Virgil

    Working at McCormick/Banking overtime

    Hey guys, it's been a while. I've finally gotten my State cert all done, and am cleared to work. So I'm primarily looking at McCormick, since I did my ride along there and loved it. It's pretty hectic, using a Thomas guide is gonna be fun. But I think jumping straight into 911 is the best...
  10. Virgil

    EMS In-Station programs with Fire

    Hey all, this is my first post. I hope this is the right spot. Anyway, I'm a student in SoCal at the moment, and I'm trying to map the job market when I done with school. I'm looking at Care and McCormick, and I heard from a friend that Care and McCormick both have in-house programs with some...