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  1. Mike97

    Traction Splint...Yes or No?

    Happened to see this on LiveRescue the other day. Looks like patient has GSW to leg and broken femur with some significant bleeding. Would you have used a traction splint in this case? Why or why not? (Starts at 11:00)
  2. Mike97

    Triage Question

    I have a triage question regarding an MVA we had the other day. Vehicle had 3 occupants; 2 in cardiac arrest upon arrival and 1 injured. No extrication required. I was not on duty and don’t know the details (will discuss during my next shift). I work in a rural area; we are the only ambulance...
  3. Mike97

    Radio Recommendations

    My volunteer fire department issues very old radios. A few of the guys have better radios issued from other jobs (police, EMS). I’m thinking about just buying my own radio; does anyone have suggestions? Thanks!
  4. Mike97

    Virtual Scenario Simulations?

    Does anyone know of any computer simulations for EMS scenarios? I recently took a hybrid NRP class and found the online simulations to be really helpful for preparing for the hands on section. I've looked around for something similar, but can't seem to find anything. Most of what I've found...
  5. Mike97

    Thoughts on High Flow O2

    Most of the older books recommend high flow O2 at 15 lpm. Now, we're taught to use O2 more conservatively and treat it like any other drug. However, from what I've read, its very difficult to over-oxygenate a patient at normal pressures. Unless, your in a hyperbaric chamber, it seems like it...
  6. Mike97

    Kenwood TK-2170 Call Playback?

    Is there anyway to playback a call on the kenwood tk 2170? Everyone I’ve talked to is unsure if it’s able to.
  7. Mike97

    Scenario Book Recommendations

    Would anybody have any recommendations for books covering ems scenarios or case studies? I have one called Patient Assessment Practice Scenarios. It's ok but doesn't really go in depth and explain the scenario. Any really good ones out there? Thanks!
  8. Mike97

    Fracture Splinting

    Rookie here. I’m a little confused on splinting in position of function and splinting in position of fracture. For non complicated breaks, would you reduce the fracture and splint in anatomical position? For more complicated breaks, like open or severely deformed, would you splint in...
  9. Mike97

    Should I Take the NREMT?

    I currently have my Illinois EMT-B license. However, I'll be going to school in Missouri next year, and would like to look for a part time/volunteer position. Would I be better off to take the MO state test or NREMT? Thanks for the help!
  10. Mike97

    Obstructed Airway Question

    Student here. I’ve got a question on a patient with an obstructed airway that is unconscious. The books say if the patient goes unconscious to give chest compressions. But, what if they are not pulseless? Would you start compressions regardless as an attempt to clear the obstruction?
  11. Mike97

    Virtual Simulation Training

    Does anyone know of some kind of virtual training program? I'm currently an emt student (finished class, waiting to take state test). I know that nothing can replace actual hands on training and real world experience, but I'm looking for something that I could work on when hands training isn't...