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    Mercy Air Flight Nurse test

    So my cousin, who is in a supervisory position in the ICU has boatloads of ICU time, but no ER experience has applied for Mercy at their new base in SDCo. He got a thanks but no thanks initially, then a call from AM asking him to come in and take the written test. Any guidelines on what he...
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    HEMS usage, what do you in the field think about this?

    Hey guys, So i work as a FAE-Medic for a very rural fire district in San Diego County. We have a minimum ground transport of 50-60min by ground to the closest receiving, 1.5 hr to STEMI, over 2 to trauma/Stroke. We obviously fly anything critical, but my question is this. How do you guys feel...
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    Bunker Boots

    For any of you fellow hose monkeys out there, I have two used pairs of boots available. Warrington Pro 5006 size 10.5 in fair condition, 50 USD plus shipping and Haix Fire Hunters size 11 in excellent condition for 100 USD plus shipping. Pics available on request. PM me if interested.
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    AMR acquires R/M

    AMR Team- I have some very exciting news to share. Today, we announced that we signed a definitive agreement to acquire Rural/Metro. This acquisition is an exciting opportunity for both sides. AMR’s parent company, Envision Healthcare, has a progressive mobile integrated healthcare...
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    R/M San Diego

    Can any R/M SD medics PM me please? I have some specific questions.
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    naproxen and narcan

    Quick question. I had a minor disagreement with an FD medic who gave narcan in a patient who had apparently taken naproxen. He told me that it acted on the same receptors as narcotics and so narcan was indicated. Patient was not resp depressed and mildly ALOC with etoh on board. Has anyone ever...
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    SDMSE to disband after R/M controversy Can SDFD take over transport now?
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    Stockton back to BLS I had heard something about this awhile ago, looks like it's official.
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    New STEMI protocol in Riverside County, CA

    So I just wanted a few opinions from people who work in better EMS systems than mine. We were just given a memo that we are not to transport to the STEMI center, unless the monitor states Acute MI suspected due to misdiagnosed STEMIs in the field. Doesn't matter if there are elevations or...
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    Coast Guard Reserve?

    So I have contacted a CG recruiter, but haven't heard back yet, so I thought I'd see if anyone here could provide me some info about the reserves. I am currently a civilian 911 paramedic, I have always wanted to join the military, but as I get older and am now married, am looking for something a...