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  1. truetiger

    Online Test Prep

    Hey guys, so I'm going to be re-certing my NREMT by exam this time around, I'm looking for a good online test prep. Any suggestions?
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    This is more for the 911 services that also do transfers. Anyone have a hospital in your service area that spits out an unreasonable amount of transfers? For things like simple pneumonia, non-complicated dislocated shoulders, general admission, etc?
  3. truetiger

    What vent mode is best?

    The facilities near us don't even bother sedating intubated patients....its almost criminal. They'll leave a fully alert and aware patient on assist/control.
  4. truetiger

    EMT-P to Paramedic Transition Course

    Have you taken yours yet? What did it consist of?
  5. truetiger

    Rib Pain from the SNF

    You are dispatched to the local SNF for a sick case. Dispatch advises an 86 year old female complaining of right lower rib pain, hx of surgery in the last 2 weeks and a BP of 90/40. You arrive to said SNF and are met by the nurse. She tells you the patient is complaining of right rib pain and is...
  6. truetiger

    Crew Ambushed
  7. truetiger


    Anyone have any tips for knocking bugs off of your rig? Seems the commercial spray they give us isn't doing the trick...
  8. truetiger

    What kind of agency do you work for?

    What kind of agency do you work for?
  9. truetiger

    Sh*t Magnets

    Do you believe in the idea that people can be sh*t magnets?
  10. truetiger

    Chest Pain

    Nothing hard here...just figured I'd add a fresh scenario. You are dispatched for "cardiac complications." You are told your patient is an 80 something year old female complaining of chest pain and hypertension. You arrive on scene to find your patient seated in a rocking chair. She stated...
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    I'll throw in a scenario for fun, nothing tricky. You receive a third party 911 call for difficulty breathing. You arrive on the scene and find the fire department (bls) attending to an elderly woman in the front seat of a car. She appears unresponsive. They have started her on NRB and state...
  12. truetiger

    Panel Style Interviews

    So I've finally made it to the interview phase at an ambulance district I've had my eye on for quite some time. They have invited me to a panel interview. Any tips or suggestions regarding what kind of questions are popular for them to ask? For me to ask?
  13. truetiger

    Traction Splint

    This is probably more aimed at our medical students but does anyone know of any situation a traction splint would be indicated in a pt that had a right femur fx as well as a right tib/fib fx? One of our ER Docs asked one of my co-workers to put one on in this situation. We asked our Asst Med...
  14. truetiger

    Another ACLS Question

    I've heard two different things about checking a rhythm. Here's the scenario, after defibrillating vfib/tach do you check the rhythm after? I've had one ACLS instructor tell us to do a quick look right after, and another say immediately start CPR after defibrillating without checking a rhythm...
  15. truetiger

    V Tach Cardioversion

    I've been reading through a few different ACLS books in an attempt to brush up before my practical and written. All of them make it pretty clear that for a narrow complex tachycardia, 150 is the magic number for pharmacological or electrical therapy. I've become confused when it comes to V Tach...
  16. truetiger

    Weird Interview Question

    Has anyone ever been asked a question like "tell us about a time you encountered an unsafe situation and made it safe" I was asked that twice in an interview and blanked on it. Any suggestions on what a good response to that would be?
  17. truetiger

    White Cloud

    Anyone else a white cloud during their rides? I sure seem to be, nothing but BS. Anyone know of an "EMS rain dance"?
  18. truetiger


    I received my B license in June, and have applied at a handful of places, with one interview. The place I interviewed at is a paid ambulance service that runs transfers and runs ALS for some municipalities. The kind of place that most people get their first ems gig at.... I did very well on...