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    Ambulance stopped by ICE, PT's papers inspected, PT deported

    This is an awful precedent to set and an awful policy for ICE to employ. Ambulances must be free from this sort of interference by federal authorities. Do we want to create an atmosphere where people who are in legitimate need of medical care will hesitate to call for help based on their...
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    Scene not safe- why do you still enter?

    "Firefighter is shot in chest while performing CPR on victim at Las Vegas shooting" If the scene isn't safe then why were any EMS units entering the scene...
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    Hosting and working marathons makes the elderly die quicker Article says that the clogged streets and insufficient staffing results in people who aren't part of the 'thons dying. I know EMS talks all about having additional crews and plan in place to...
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    Broken leg=C-collar and longboard?

    Since when does a leg fx necessitate a C-collar and longboard? Why is the extremity not padded and/or splinted? Who is running their EMS?
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    Confirmed STEMI to PCI-center or closest community hospital?

    I've been interested in the topic of transporting a confirmed STEMI to PCI/CABG-centers or to the closest community hospital without PCI/CABG. I know the traditional guidance is to go to the PCI/CABG-center and bypass the community hospital. I've seen this in protocols and textbooks yet neither...
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    Paramedic level care (ALS) of no help, may be harmful

    I just watched this video and let's just say this is really disheartening! I've been in this game a long time and always thought I was helping my patients. It seems ALS harming our patients. The doctor who concluded this video even ended with a suggestion to rethink ever using ALS-level care...