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    Airway - Trauma Scenario

    Ran this call this morning. Wondering what people's decision would have been. 35 year old male was crossing the street when he was struck by a sedan-type vehicle traveling approximately 20 mph. Arrive on scene to find ALS fire on scene with an NPA in place and assisting ventilations. GCS...
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    ECG Scenario. VT or SVT with Aberrancy?

    58 year old male presents with non-radiating/reproducible retrosternal chest pressure ranging from a 4/10 to 8/10 with associated SOB and diaphoresis. Started 30 minutes after a 'normal' hour long workout. Reduced with rest then increased 15 minutes after taking the trash down a flight of stairs...
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    Scenario: Can you actually treat this patient?

    A discussion in another thread as well as a discussion I had with my last trainee and another coworker gave me the idea for this thread. I will give you my opinion on the matter after others have chimed in. You're on scene of a patient who is awake, alert, oriented, ambulatory, not intoxicated...
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    Scenario-ish: To intubate or not to intubate?

    Ran this call recently, I wanted some opinions and thoughts about how you would handle this. Backstory: 1430 in the afternoon, heavy traffic conditions. We were 4 blocks north and the other unit was 2 blocks south when the call dropped, came out as a priority 2 (still lights and sirens...
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    Fantasy Football 2014

    Who's playing? How's week one treating you? I know i'm not the only fantasy player on here.
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    Gun Porn

    Looked and didn't find one so I figured I'd start it seeing as there's more than a few on here that love their guns. First one I've personally owned, nothing fancy at all, H&R 12-Gauge Pump. Can't wait to put some shells through it though! Pardon my cluttered table and nosy dog.
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    ECG Cold Read

    Stolen from a friend. 68 y/o female complaining of SOB x3 hours without relief from multiple home NRB treatments. Ready? GO!!!
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    Anyone been to small claims court? ***Not asking for legal advice***

    Anyone been to small claims court? Was it worth your time, money and the hassle of the entire ordeal? I know it varies from state to state, county to county and even municipality to municipality. Just looking for generalized experiences and opinions.
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    EMS Providers Placing 72 Hour Holds

    The State of Nevada EMS Office put out a survey asking about "appropriately trained" Paramedics placing 72 hour involuntary holds. No action yet but it's a possibility. What do y'all think about this??
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    Inside EMS - Podcast

    There's a new podcast out there for us EMSers. Kelly Grayson and Chris Cebollero have put together a pretty good project here that addresses topics that we deal with daily. They do news and clinical tips as well as addressing other hot topics in EMS such as Mental Health Awareness and the Code...
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    Short FTO Period

    A recent thread brought something up that was pretty shocking to me. I've heard of agencies doing it but I guess I thought it was isolated. I was going to ask in the other thread but decided not to gum it up. How long is your agency's FTO period? Did you feel it was long enough? Too long...
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    I need some ideas

    Being out on disability and all I've got lots of time to test the charting software we are thinking of moving to. I didn't get paid for it to begin with so it doesn't bother me to do it now plus it gives me something to do. Having quite a bit of fun making up calls to chart but the problem...
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    The big question is...MD/DO, PA or NP?

    I've been doing quite a bit of thinking and I'm pretty sure that I have come to the conclusion that I want to go further. Background behind me: I'm 24 years old, single, no kids. I love my job, I don't want that ever to be called into question. If something drastic changed (read: tiered...
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    Fantasy Football

    Anyone play? How's you're team looking for this year?? I don't know about you guys but I'm absolutely looking forward to sitting my happy self on the couch tomorrow in some sweatpants, drinking some beers and watching football all day long! :)
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    Name this rhythm!!

    51 year old, trached, vent dependent male in an acute care SNF. Changing his shiley tube and he vomited and aspirated. Normally only on pressure support but they had to sedate him, suction the crap out of him and put him on SIMV to keep him saturating well. Not really a scenario, more just...
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    There's someone in the back of our unit!

    Had one hell of a week. Had two different occurrences. One was a large drunk man who decided he wanted to come after my partner and I. Resulted in panic alarms being activated and a rather rough scuffle trying to keep him from tearing one of our heads off. Second was while posted near the end...
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    Rip hfd

    Sounds like Houston FD lost at least 4 FFs today with at least 1 more in critical condition and multiple others transported to area hospitals after a 5-alarm blaze this afternoon :( Thoughts with all those that are affected. I'm really tired of reading this...
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    19 Year Old Male ALOC

    So I posted some details of this in the directionless thread, was going to pm it to a select group of people then decided to make it available to the whole world rather than limiting myself. It's ~1500 on a beautiful Thursday and you and your partner are returning from a somewhat long psych...
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    Central Lines Prehospitally

    What's the benefits? What's the risks? If you're system is placing them, when and why are you doing it? What criteria/protocols do you have for them? Where are you placing them, only IJs or are you using other sites? Are you rural, suburban or urban? From recent posts it seems like they're...
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    Interesting Call

    This morning signed in a couple minutes early to help out with a priority call that was just down the street. Toned out for a priority 2 hemorrhage, at a local park, reported to be "under the bridge". Upgraded en route to priority 1. Arrive on scene to see the FD walking down a bike path...