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  1. MusicMedic

    Per Diem EMS? Socal

    Anyne know of any companies that would hire Per-Deim or Once a week EMT's in Socal? Does anyone know if Doctors ambulance hires parttime?
  2. MusicMedic

    Who here is going from EMT to RN?

    Hey folks, i havnt posted in a while, ive been busy busy with school I just finished my Nursing Pre-Reqs (Anatomy, Physio and Micro) im currently applying to nursing schools, and hopeflly ill be accepted to one to start in spring 2013 has anyone or is anyone here doing the same thing?
  3. MusicMedic

    Part Time Work in Socal?

    Anyone know of any companies in So cal that will hire part timers? pref on the weekends. I might eventually want to go full time with that company but as of now i need more patient contact, as i work the graveyard shift at a retirement community and run about 1-2 calls a month :blink:.
  4. MusicMedic

    ER Tech/PCT

    Hey guys, im currently looking to get some Hospital experience, i have worked in IFT for a about a year and at a retirement community for another year. i have my ACLS/EKG Training. i was wondering whats the best way to get into the hospital as a PCT or ER Tech? i keep on applying but it seems...
  5. MusicMedic

    Medic Programs Socal

    Hey guys im looking into going into medic school here in socal after the spring semester i work fulltime (graveyards 12am-8am) so i have the days free i was looking into Mt. Sac but i cant find their daily schedule anywhere? are they M-F? what are some good suggestions for medic...
  6. MusicMedic

    Fdny ems

    Hey folks so its looks like FDNY EMS opened up their Competitive exam application period.. im really intrested in applying but i have a few questions for those of you who have worked in NYC.. How hard is it to get...
  7. MusicMedic

    Best EMS Career Companies in US?

    so im looking to get out of state (CA Job market sucks horribly).. ive been looking at Fire-Departments that have a decent EMS system and am currently applying to a few of them. i was wondering if anyone knows of some good EMS Companies (private or fire) that i can become a career Medic.. im...
  8. MusicMedic

    CA to NY Reciprocity EMT-B

    I was wondering if a CA EMT license transfers to NY? i was hoping to apply for the FDNY Ems.. how hard is is to get into FDNY ems?
  9. MusicMedic

    Nursing Stress Vs EMS Stress

    so im bored at work right now.. its slow.. as i am reading the Nursing Forums at a different website. i keep on seeing the same recurring theme that New Grad Nurses are very very stressed and overworked and and are having a hard time handling the stress. Ive noticed the general mood is one of...
  10. MusicMedic

    Part Time AMR?

    I was wondering if any AMR branch in Socal hires part time EMT's? maybe one or two days a week? i was hoping to apply to the riverside/hemet/san deigo branch mainly cause i wanted to get some 911 exp.. are their any other 911 company in socal that hires part timers?
  11. MusicMedic

    Thermal Dieting

    So i saw this news report this morning about this new "fad" diet called Thermal Dieting: pretty much what the logic consists of is exposing your self to a cold environment for a certain...
  12. MusicMedic

    ECG/ACLS Prep

    Does Anyone know where i can take an ECG(cardiac Dysrythmias) /ACLS Prep class? the local community college has one but its full! Im in Orange County Btw.. but im willing to travel around So Cal
  13. MusicMedic

    BLS IFT Burn Out

    So ive been working at an IFT company ever since i started as an EMT back in January, I feel pretty burned out in the sense that it seems very monotonous (specifically dialysis calls, they are the majority of our call volume) and i dont feel "challenged". the only calls i enjoy are psych calls...
  14. MusicMedic

    EMT Refresher, OC

    Hey guys, one of my friends EMT Cert expired by a few months, i was wondering if there is anywhere in Orange County that provides EMT Refresher Courses?
  15. MusicMedic

    Shady Companies In LA City

    Ive been noticing, there are alot of Ambulance Companies Operating Illegally or close to Illegal in Los Angeles City... Mainly all of them are IFT companies, i was wondering if the city is going to crack down on them? why dont they do anything? im quickly noticing LA City is a really...
  16. MusicMedic


    I just got a job offer from them, anyone know anything about this company? all i know is they are an IFT company, and are CAAS Accredited and im gonna be getting a paycut compared to my last IFT job, but right now ill take any Job i can get
  17. MusicMedic

    I Owe The State of CA

    $2.00 I just did my Taxes Maybe the governator can buy himself some Chicken Nuggets :-)
  18. MusicMedic

    Care Ambulance in OC/LA

    I know the Subject of Care Ambulance has been posted quite a few times, but its been a long time... and some of the information might be outdated Anyways, Heres is my question, has anyone worked for them or been though their hiring process? I have an interview with them coming up soon...
  19. MusicMedic

    Fender Bender

    so today was my first day driving...i got in a bit of a fender bender in the ambulance( it was a van Ambo) I had just picked up a patient, i was dropping them off at an SNF, as i was turning Right into the lot, there was a car parked near the entrance, I sideswiped it, i immediately parked the...
  20. MusicMedic

    Great Interviewing Articles

    So i got an email from this site that i occasionally go to called they send me daily emails and i saw these two articles that were great about Tips on interviews, i thought it might help those people who are looking for a job: 10 subtle ways to sabotage your interview...